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Go ahead and aim high this new year

Posted: January 1, 2014 - 12:12am

One look at this week’s sales flyers and you can see we humans are a predictable bunch. My favorite big-box store had everything on sale for getting organized and getting in shape. And eating healthier, too. Cut-rate containers, the latest in exercise-wear, gluten-free everything for a New Year’s fresh start.

Though I might have spent a few seconds feeling sheepish (are consumers really that easy to target?), I quickly moved on to being inspired. Let’s streamline the garage! Time to regroup our fitness plan! I can’t wait to make a menu and get back on a schedule!

Tis the season, the start of the new year, to get it all back together again. The holidays were a wonderful time for relaxing (as much as that’s really even possible) and after a few weeks in a row of easy livin’, I am ready to start anew.

This time of year is exciting because things feel fresh and new, full of promise. The hope of making changes, good changes for the better, and being all we can be.

In the midst of all my resolving, I try to be realistic, but not overly so. Maybe that sounds crazy, but the truth is I know, deep down that one year from now it’s possible not every single one of my goals will still be a part of my reality. It’s possible that my running goals and cooking goals and goals for perfect home organization – maybe I’ll be some kind of rock star this time next year. But maybe not.

Today, though, is the day for dreaming big.

Okay, sure I should be within reason. Maybe I shouldn’t entertain thoughts about hiking the entire Appalachian Trail (not just yet anyway), or road tripping it to Cali. I’ve got a bunch of people at home and we all need each other in this season of life.

But why not shoot the moon? Why not think big? Why not! It’s fun to think about all that can be, new avenues of discovery and recreation. Trying things we’ve never considered, rediscovering parts of our ourselves that fell asleep some time ago.

I was sitting with my sisters-in-law the other night talking about hobbies, and realizing that it was indeed that time of year again, to think about all this and come up with a plan. What new thing could I learn this year? What could I do? Would it be big or small? Epic or...maybe not.

One of the girls had learned to knit, another was learning to crochet. And the joy this brought these women, the edification of creating, was inspiring. What could I do, I asked aloud. What new thing can I tackle?

This year is a little different too, because our youngest child is about to turn four. The last few years I haven’t necessarily been keen on tackling new projects because daily life presented its own set of challenges. No need to haul out my scrapbooking stash. That would lead to frustration.

Whatever it is I set out to tackle – be it pragmatic or over-the-top – it’s all about what we get from the process. Organization brings peace in our homes and lives. Exercise brings health and happy endorphins. Learning and creating free us from the doldrums and set our sights on higher goals.

Life isn’t always just about putting one foot in front of the other. It’s not just about surviving another day. There is such joy in the journey, so much in this life to discover and relish. May your New Year be filled with hope and optimism and the adventure of discovery – even if it’s small and simple.

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