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Many reasons to give thanks this year

Posted: November 20, 2013 - 12:06am

As this Thanksgiving approaches, I have been thinking of all the things I have to be grateful for this year.

First of all, I am always thankful for my family. I could not ask for a better son and grandchildren. Tommy gets better every year. The older I get the more help he provides. Any time there is something that needs doing around the house, he does it. The same goes for my grandchildren, Jay and Sarah. When they’re in town, they’ll do whatever I ask them to do for me. We are all a big “spread the love” family. None of us see each other without a hug and kiss. It doesn’t matter if it’s in public or private.

This year I have two particular things to celebrate. Tommy and Monique got married. Over the past seven years they’ve been together, she has grown to be a daughter to me. Now it’s official and I couldn’t be happier. There is nothing better for me than seeing my son happy, and she does everything possible to make that happen. She is kind, considerate and knows Tommy like an open book. It’s obvious to me and anyone else around them that they are very much in love. Couldn’t ask for more than that.

The second thing I give thanks for is a new grandbaby. His name is Landon and he came into this world on Nov. 11. Tommy and Monique adopted him and brought him home on the 12th. Of course, granny (that would be me) was there shortly after his arrival and was able to bond as much as possible that afternoon. I plan on being there often until Monique decides to kick me out, which she has assured me would never happen.

It has been a long time since I held a newborn. He is an adorable little bundle of love and affection. I could swear he knows who I am and smiles when I hold him. Now if I could just stop him from hitting himself in the face, everything would be perfect.

Good friends have been a great part of my life since Jay passed. Charlotte is the strong one, even though she would tell you different. She is going through a lot right now but stands strong and still has the time and love we all need.

Betsy is more like me. We both get rattled a little but it’s a fun thing. When one of us goes off on a rampage, we just tell each other to shut up. It’s not mean. We don’t mean it to be. On the other hand, it’s a term of endearment. We can say anything to one another without worrying about feelings being hurt or anger flaring up. Faye is also going through a tough time and is in the hospital after major surgery. We are all going to try and be there to help out as much as possible because that’s what friends are for.

All in all, I have a pretty good life. Filled with love and friendship. Filled with support and sharing. Most of all, filled with family. Now I have to go and hold Landon some more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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