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With Washington is bogged down in trench warfare, America loses

Posted: October 19, 2013 - 11:05pm

Once more unto the breach...”

Before the Democrats in Washington set out to celebrate the defeat of their Republican brethren in this month’s partisan massacre, otherwise known as the “government shutdown,” they should take a moment to consider that everyone is watching.

Instead of slaying the wounded and stripping the corpses, they should pause for a moment and consider how we got here.

Let’s make one thing clear: The shutdown belongs squarely in the lap of the GOP.

They chose to suit up and mount an assault on Fortress Obamacare as a grand political adventure – one which just about everyone on Earth told them was doomed from the outset.

Undaunted by that reality, or their previous 40 or so failed attacks, our Republican heroes, led by the brave Tea Party shock troops, hurled themselves at the citadel once again.

It seems that General Boehner’s strategy was simple – demand surrender or else. The problem was the “or else” part turned out to be shooting themselves in the feet, repeatedly.

President Obama and the Democrats didn’t have to do anything except sit comfortably behind the palisade and watch the carnage. When it was clear to the Republicans that they had run out of both bullets and feet, they capitulated to the President’s terms – go away and don’t come back unless you bring gifts.

It would have been political comedy if it weren’t so painful. By some estimates, the adventure inflicted about $24 billion in damage to our economy.

The casualty list is still incomplete. No one knows how it may affect the political fortunes of GOP candidates next fall, but there appears to be a number of wounded still limping off the battlefield.

Now the stage is set for more maneuvering. The Democrats have gained an advantage, so let’s see what they do with it.

Will they rush out to take the ground their opponents have ceded? Will they reinforce their castle walls and wait for the next siege?

Will the Republicans rearm and mount another vainglorious charge?

We’ve grown to always expect the worst from our leaders in Washington and to have those expectations met on almost every occasion. Both sides have dug in on the safe ground where their political bases feed them a ready supply of ammunition. No one is willing to venture out into the no-man’s land of compromise. The lobbyists have laid their mines there and the sideline pundits wait patiently for a clean shot on anyone who raises their head.

Whatever happens next, one thing is for sure, the American people are fed up with Washington’s version of trench warfare. We are tired of a country where “victory” is declared when the government is simply allowed to function. This has to end. We don’t need any more noble failures and lost causes. We don’t need fallen heroes.

It’s time to lay down our arms and pick up a few shovels and hammers, and to begin the work of repairing our nation and getting a few things done for a change.

What we need are a few reasonable people who are willing to work together. That would be truly heroic.

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Don't Forget 2010

Did the Morris papers have a meeting and decide to go after the Tea Party this week? People who believe spending is out of control and Obamacare will only add to the debt are attacked? Get out of here. Doing the right thing used to mean something. Don't forget one of the biggest Democratic defeats ever was the 2010 Congressional election when the Tea Party turned out in force. It will happen again in 2014. People are fed up with our wasteful government and those who support it. So many people are on EBT cards and disability it's going to take a lot of good hard working voters to turn things around, but if anyone can do it, it's the Tea Party folks.


First the education system. Then the health care system. Basic

life management. Obama is driving the chaos and anarchy. He has placed himself as "savior" of a flawed America. He "is the ONE" of whom Rev Wright spoke. Hauling the chickens back to the roost.

Appearing to be an "answer" in the form of a mixed race leader for a mixed race world. White Anglo leaders have placed the world in peril. Obama will be our savior.

Saving us from ourselves by economic, moral and political revolution. Obama's gods, Marx and Engels would be proud. March on, they would say, until the wall moves. America will fall. Socialism will prevail just a Marx said it would.

The world will demand a "progressive dictator" to save them the Apocalypse.


Washington was not bogged down. Taxes continued to flow to DC.

The BBC has the take on the USA nailed. It is all a charade. A posturing for power. The socialist against the fascist. Both driving to a totalitarian state over the remains of the ignorant and apathetic.

How many business owners would continue to hire and rehire total incompetent thieves to carry on the necessary work? We own the government. Or so we have been told? But Washington knows of t he people, by the people and for the people is just so much propaganda.

Go down to the CC courthouse and demand your "employees" get of off the lard arses and do their jobs. Good luck.

Little Lamb

Socialists vs. Fascists

Soapy has it dead on — Socialists (Democratic National Convention) versus Fascists (Grand Old Party). Free enterprise has been defeated. You will not find one Republican espousing free enterprise any more.