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Lady A recognized Augusta, not Columbia County

Posted: November 13, 2011 - 12:01am


Is anyone going to mention the big pink elephant on the Lady Antebellum stage during their dedication performance? OK, you might not have seen it, but you heard it – five, six or seven times.

Charles Kelley, your home is not in Augusta. You did not go to school in Augusta. The concert tickets were not sold in Augusta. And Augusta did not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a beautiful project and dedicated it in Lady Antebellum’s name, picture and all.

Couldn’t Kelley give thanks and praise one time to Columbia County? It might have just slipped his mind as to where he really was, but to have just been given so much, for Lady Antebellum and his father’s foundation, it seems like he could have recognized those responsible: Columbia County.

Lori Patterson


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Ms Patterson that really upset you???

Many of us refer to Columbia County as "Augusta" when we are away from here. There's no disrespect intended. That was kind of silly to slam Charles for that. They do so much for us and this is the thanks they get? Focus on the positive.

Austin Rhodes

Nit PIcking Silliness

Lady...please. Lighten' UP.

Little Lamb

*N*L Retentive

When Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley meet someone in San Francisco or London and they tell the fan that they are from Augusta, that is not a slap at Columbia County. It's like someone from Lawrenceville who makes the big time and moves to New York. He tells his new friends he is from Atlanta.

p.s. In honor of Lady A, the A's are removed from the subject line above.