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Property Transfers, Aug. 2, 2015

Posted: August 1, 2015 - 11:04pm

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Narciso J. Hurtado, 506 Whitby St., $186,900.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Michael S. Maice and Gina M. Maice, 3220 Windwood St., $189,379.

Augusta Property Group LLC to M2 Property Solutions LLC, 210 Pecan Drive, $82,474.

Gregory Scott Davis to Lana Gayle Dunn; 540 Great Falls; $190,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Keith Simpson; 912 N. Willowick Drive; $79,900.

Berlin Limited Partnership to Active Climbing LLC; 643 S. Old Belair Road; $575,000.

Cheryl Garrett to Trevor Bullard and Jessica Bullard; 3471 Mistletoe Road; $55,000.

Southeastern Family Homes Inc. to Monica S. Cromer; 2017 Egret Circle; $385,435.

Designer Homes and Construction LLC to Robert D. Williamson and Mary A. Williamson; parcel ID 0681151; $193,000.

Robert T. Bailey to Daniel Albo and Maria Luisa O’Connor-Albo; parcel ID 081B095; $1,050,000.

Christian M. Thomae to Jacob Eichenberger and Amanda Eichenberger; 302 Johns Way; $705,000.

Jacob P. Stone to Louis T.C. Alley; 2438 River Birch Drive; $169,500.

Oconee Capital Investments LLC to Chandler P. Hall and Lynnsey M. Edmondson; 209 Ryan Lane; $219,900.

Wilson Parker Homes of Hidden Creek Inc. to Miguel Angel Yepes-Wuerth; 8845 Crenshaw Drive; $241,090.

Winchester Homes of GA Inc. to Zachary L. Mallory; 2455 Newbury Ave.; $181,355.

Julian S. Lewis Jr. to Frank T. Kuwanoe; 5900 Harlem-Grovetown Road; $279,500.

Oconee Capital Investments LLC to Bong Won Park; 228 Ryan Lane; $246,000.

Kenneth R. Miles to Carl Timmons Spivey and Mary Beth Spivey; 7357 Lakeside Drive; $350,000.

Jessie L. Lee to Geovany A. Manjivar; 332 Taylor Circle; $149,700.

Winchester Homes of GA Inc. to Brian M. Stucker and Sarah E. Stucker; 1730 Edenburg Way; $231,695.

Winchester Homes of GA Inc. to Amber L. Zulueta and Steven J. Zulueta Jr.; 2640 Kirby Ave.; $230,375.

Wilson Parker Homes Retreat at Baker Place Inc. to Anthony A. Keys; 743 Burch Creek Drive; $309,990.

Wilson Parker Homes Retreat at Baker Place Inc. to Maria Sepulveda and Zachariah Sepulveda; 733 Burch Creek Drive; $379,070.

Wilson Parker Homes of Sunbury at Bartram Trail Inc. to Trisha M. Stratton and Ryan J. Stratton; 5634 Sunbury Loop;

Randal Mark Davidson to The Sanctuary of Augusta Inc.; 417 LaVista Drive; $35,000.

Winchester Homes of GA Inc. to Andrew Stephen Delmas and Emily Rogers Delmas; 6521 River Bluff Trail; $725,000.

Baldwin Hamptons LLC to Designer Homes and Construction LLC; 1595 Baldwin Lakes Drive; $43,000.

Heath D. Traphagan to Jason Bravo Alisangco; 524 Mauldin Drive; $375,000.

Wayne Wasden Sr. to Joshua Edward Combs; 1670 Cedar Hill Drive; $194,900.

Charles DeWitt Evans to Norman Richard Crews; 7120 Postell Drive; $72,000.

Elizabeth J. Manaloor to William O. Butcher and Karen N. Butcher; 4235 Riverside Drive; $330,000.

Amanda R. Russell to Steven T. Ragans; parcel ID 062742; $187,500.

Faircloth Homes Inc. to JoAnna M. Kelly and Gregory D. Kelly-Skelton; 1157 Waltons Pass; $320,250.

Ashley M. Olstad to Tracey M. Sammons; parcel ID 0651013; $272,000.

Paula D. Kiser to Jacqueline R. Goldsberry; 629 Ventana Drive; $198,500.

Faircloth Homes Inc. to Robert McCoy; 1155 Waltons Pass; $309,000.

Christopher Tison to Jesus Delatorra; parcel ID 074I079; $147,900.

MBH Holdings Inc. to Herbert Homes Inc.; parcel ID 0622628 and 0622629; $85,800.

Crawford Creek Homebuilders LLC to George P. Mallard; 1203 Tyler Woods Way; $175,000.

Thomas C. Brewster to Dorothy M. Croskey; 509 Midland Passage; $139,900.

James R. Wheeler to Larry M. Ward and Norma Kaye Ward; 101 Central Park Lane; $375,000.

Michael P. Pendleton to Charles C. Brown and Keshia M. Brown; 274 Wentworth Place; $238,500.

Randall T. Plant to Travis J. Austin and Kristine L. Austin; 216 Beale Lane; $330,000.

Ivey Residential LLC to Brenda B. Mercer; 4602 Amberley Drive; $242,500.

Downeast Homebuilders Inc. to Adam Seth Hilderbrandt and Michelle Renee Hilderbrandt; 3260 Windwood St.; $218,950.

Ivey Residential LLC to Lorenzo R. McElveen and Priscilla Green McElveen; 503 Brantley Cove Circle; $170,500.

Ivey Residential LLC to Shannon T. Winfield; 509 Sagebrush Trail; $294,065.

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