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Property Transfers, July 19, 2015

Posted: July 18, 2015 - 11:13pm

Deborah P. Huguenin to River Gate Development LLC, 4419 Hardy McManus Road, $1,450,000.

Alexander Lombana to Corey R. Tillman, 465 Lory Lane, $154,500.

N. Vernon Blanchard to James L. Manahan and Heather S. Manahan, 6542 Washington Road, $210,000.

CitiMortgage Inc. to NEX Ventures Realty Inc., 120 Long Creek Way, $82,500.

Richard Edgar Savage to Daniel Lee Savage and Richard Edgar Savage, 6284 Keg Creek Drive, $534,000.

Ivey Residential LLC to Branden A. Kline and Sarah E. Thompson, 29 Havelock Drive, $211,750.

Shashidhar Subbanna to Mohamed M. Othman and Heba M. Saleh, parcel ID 082K001, $405,000.

Frances Elizabeth Moses to James D. Jackson and Jacqueline B. Jackson, parcel ID 077B345, $70,000.

Ann Marie Anzalone to Phuong Dung Thi Le, parcel ID 081107, $150,000.

Francisco Jacome to Deborah Datta and Meridian Jensen, 3516 Pebble Beach Drive, $425,000.

Keith D. Robertson to Humberto Sifuentes Jr. and Narnita Mohanty, parcel ID 076187, $375,000.

Daniel L. Disch to Kevin Clements, parcel ID 050136, $159,900.

Gary D. Taylor to Reva Bryce and Roderick Bryce, parcel ID 0621040, $190,900.

Erik R. Ewing to Joseph M. Uher, parcel ID 069536, $170,000.

Ronald J. Ramirez to Taylor Paul Teal and Kristina Joy Teal, parcel ID 073A132, $104,900.

Euchee Forest LLC to Ivey Residential LLC, 512 Brantley Cove Circle, $30,500.

Magnolia Valley Plantation LLC to Winchester Homes of GA Inc., parcel ID 0601364, $58,900.

Mark D. Pillarelli and Patricia Pillarelli to Michael Ray Cooper and Shannon Anita Cooper, parcel ID 0671040, $299,000.

Designer Homes and Construction LLC to Eric L. Crist, parcel ID 068919, $183,200.

JBC Development of Evans LLC to Old Evans Partners LLC, 568 Old Evans Road, $11,000,000.

David C. Fletcher to William L. Young and Kathryn Young, parcel ID 077I065, $179,800.

Georgia Bank and Trust Co. of Augusta Georgia to James Norwood West as trustee of the Norwood West and Jenlee West Family Trust, parcel ID 077C058P, $75,000.

Leslie A. Carlson as trustee of the Leslie A. Carlson Revocable Trust to Steven E. Gibbons, 200 Ryan Lane, $219,000.

The estate of Paul V. Davis Jr. aka Vernon Davis Jr. to Jesus A. Concepcion and Sandra Concepcion, 6705 Cobbham Road, $75,000.

Dealia A. Yancey to Richard Ramsey and Anna Barnes, 105 Ansley Place, $139,400.

McGahee Investment Properties LLC to Kenneth R. Miles II, parcel ID 001A247, $66,400.

Anissa L. Cox-Holt to Tara A. Cimaglia, parcel ID 077I195, $199,500.

Kingsbury Custom Homes Inc. to Juozas V. Raciunas and Dianna R. Raciunas, parcel ID 059165, $224,900.

Michael P. Mellon Jr. to Brady E. Hudkins, parcel ID 073F012, $149,000.

Keystone Homes Inc. to Trevor A. Billings and Birte M. Billings, parcel ID 0611955, $154,400.

Keystone Homes Inc. to Eric D. Belnap and Laura L. Belnap, parcel ID 0611958, $179,900.

John P. Knox Jr. to Melinda Jo Long and Jonathan E. Long, 1191 Newport Trail, $250,000.

Canterbury Farms LLC to Winchester Homes of GA Inc., 259 Seaton Ave., $49,500.

Canterbury Farms LLC to Winchester Homes of GA Inc., 252 Seaton Ave., $48,500.

Canterbury Farms LLC to Winchester Homes of GA Inc., 243 Seaton Ave., $52,000.

Canterbury Farms LLC to Winchester Homes of GA Inc., 256 Seaton Ave., $49,000.

Canterbury Farms LLC to Winchester Homes of GA Inc., 262 Seaton Ave., $48,000.

Canterbury Farms LLC to Winchester Homes of GA Inc., 725 Seaton Ave., $41,500.

Canterbury Farms LLC to Winchester Homes of GA Inc., 719 Southwick Ave., $41,500.

Riverwood Land LLC to Winchester Homes of GA Inc., 1725 Edenburg Way, $43,000.

Winchester Homes of GA Inc. to James M. Jackson and Donna M. Jackson, 1724 Edenburg Way, $221,300.

Indian Springs POA Inc. to Marshall Chad Buchanan and Kim A. Buchanan, parcel ID 0621675, $1,000.

Brandon Sloan to Brandon Rogers, 4424 Roxbury Drive, $8,000.

John Alan Sanders to Jay Acree and Miranda Jones Acree, 954 Watermark Drive, $174,900.

Robert C. Paris to Gary W. Perkins and Linda M. Perkins, 238 Bohler Drive, $175,000.

Jae W. Kim to Timothy Cain and Laura Cain, 6645 Eubank Drive, $420,000.

Joseph L. Mitchell to Srinivas R. Sonne, parcel ID 077G1087, $195,000.

Pierwood Construction Co. to Dondale E. Stroman, 730 Oakwood Court, $199,900.

Ashworth Homes LLC to George M. Koucheravy and Grace W. Koucheravy, 501 Fothergill Court, $451,750.

Patricia M. Davis as executor of the estate of Paul V. Davis Jr. to Virginia R. Shervette, parcel ID 072A148, $155,000.

Stuart Allen Probst to Edward Kim, parcel ID 071D178, $220,000.

Anthony Sanchez to Charles W. Bines, parcel ID G09025, $153,600.

Beazley Builders Inc. to Bill Beazley Homes Inc., parcel ID 052685, $34,500.

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