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Property Transfers, July 13, 2014

Posted: July 12, 2014 - 11:10pm

SCGA Property LLC to Megan L. Globensky and Richard B. Globensky, 303 Founders Lane, $155,000.

TAWKIDS to R.W. Rowland Enterprises LLLP, parcel ID 057002, $525,000.

JJ & Z Builders Inc. to Mitchell C. Russell and Jennifer L. Russell, 811 Leyland Lane, $281,900.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to James Cooper, 1650 Cedar Hill Drive, $174,900.

Rebecca Carter to Michael Brown, 571 Oak Brook Drive, $214,500.

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Sonja S. Landrum, 782 Whitney Pass, $159,900.

Kimberly Ann Poss to Murst Birlik, 6034 Great Glen, $198,000.

James Slusher to Kimberly A. Poss and Michael R. Poss, 2109 Oak Ridge Road, $202,000.

Jared J. Brown to Daniel P. Fisher and Michaelene R. Fisher, 4081 Dewaal St., $317,500.

Larry G. Ennis and Mark Davidson to Jennette Loop, 6174 Keg Creek Drive, $430,000.

Richard Percival to Darlene M. Asuncion, 220 Cavalier Drive, $119,900.

Tindall Construction LLC to Alaina Marie Smithers and Adam Christopher Jones, 755 Murel Lake Court, $222,000.

Norman K. Logan to Harold Andrew Hall and Leah Hall, 4387 Marshall Way, $180,000.

Michael J. Wiggins to James A. Lombardo and Amanda J. Lombardo, 1187 Sumter Landing Circle, $279,500.

Brittannie L. Edwards to Lynda B. Edwards, 330 Browning Dr., $79,000.

Ivey Residential LLC to Ryan R. Torey and Melissa Nichole Torey, 2533 Ravenna Lane, $311,900.

Pierwood Construction Co. to Donald J. Peters, 820 Watermark Drive, $165,000.

Michael W. Tabor and Judith K. Tabor to Andrew J. Hague, 4331 Bahama Lane, $110,000.

D.R. Horton-Crown LLC to Judy L. Cruz, parcel ID 060874, $250,500.

D.R. Horton-Crown LLC to Ira O. Moore, parcel ID 069699, $212,294.

Grenelefe Park Properties LLC to Amy Boulineau and Benjamin D. Boulineau, 863 Tyler Parkway, $42,900.

Trisha J. Sorrells to Glenn M. Hodge Jr. and Brittany Hodge, 973 Woody Hill Circle, $233,500.

Benny C. Brandenburg to Gregory A. Riebe and Deanne M. Riebe, 745 Hickory Oak Hollow, $139,000.

Wisehunt Properties Inc. to JR Homes of Alabama LLC, 208 Dripping Rock Pass, $42,000.

Wisehunt Properties Inc. to JR Homes of Alabama LLC, 140 Broadleaf Trail, $42,000.

Widehunt Porpeties Inc. to JR Homes of Alabama LLC, 215 Dripping Rock Pass, $42,000.

Wisehunt Properties Inc. to JR Homes of Alabama LLC, 207 Dripping Rock Pass, $42,000.

Wisehunt Properties Inc. to JR Homes of Alabama LLC, 203 Dripping Rock Pass, $42,000.

Wisehunt Properties Inc. to JR Homes of Alabama LLC, 204 Dripping Rock Pass, $42,000.

Wisehunt Properties Inc. to JR Homes of Alabama LLC, 214 Dripping Rock Pass, $42,000.

Wisehunt Properties Inc. to JR Homes of Alabama LLC, 220 Dripping Rock Pass, $42,000.

JR Homes of Alabama Inc. to Dan E. Jones, 1411 Highwoods Pass, $244,323.

JR Homes of Alabama LLC to Reginald T. Vandiver Jr., 1518 Highwoods Pass, $273,000.

D.R. Horton-Crown LLC to Brian J. Bunyard and Kristy L. Bunyard, parcel ID 0622484, $184,483.

Sky Rentals LLC to David O. Philmon Jr., parcel ID 078C635, $123,000.

Amber Leissner as trustee of the GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust dated July 2, 2009, to Scott Hamilton and Emily Marie Hamilton, 553 Ernestine Falls Circle, $178,000.

Mark A. Plants to Rosendo Vicente, 3938 Columbia Road, $160,000.

George R. Leynes III to Andrew M. Brown and Sonia R. Brown, parcel ID 068178, $290,000.

Patriots Ridge Investments LLC to IDK Homes Inc., parcel ID 0611789, $44,000.

Bryan L. Mudrak to Keith A. Garwold and Stephanie M. Garwold, parcel ID 071D237, $262,300.

Raymond J. Stoeck to Robert Peel Jr., 774 Folly Court, $79,000.

Ivey Residential LLC to Tyler Willis and Mickenzi V. Willis, 106 Kenosha Court, $161,400.

Polymatic Properties Inc. to Michael W. Brands and Kelley A. Brands, 601 Cloisters Way, $399,900.

James R. Mobley to Clifford C. Russell and Crystal B. Russell, 4391 Deerwood Lane, $185,000.

Patricia Elaine Bryan to William R. Anderson, 4367 Quail Creek Road, $116,400.

Burleigh W. Scammon to Mary Leann Evans and Charles E. Evans, 622 Stevens Crossing, $349,900.

Leland A. Unruh to Howard R. Storey, 2915 Doral Drive, $109,500.

Rental Properties & Moore LLC to Katelyn M. Leszcynski, 583 Wendover Way, $129,900.

Millennium Venture Group Inc. to Medlock Properties Group LLC, 4015 Gateway Blvd., $1,600,000.

B.E.C. Custom Homes and Development Inc. to Eric McIntyre, 305 Ash Court, $510,000.

Robert J. Kirkland to Brandon L. Vanorden and Andrea L. Manus, 1358 Shadow Oak Drive, $194,000.

Judy Fish to Bryce Klockenga, parcel ID 065A531, $209,000.

Brandon Gage Coleman to Preston James, parcel ID 0611075, $121,000.

Oconee Capital Investments LLC to Robert Lee Collins III, parcel ID 0671329, $321,900.

Robert W. Gates III to Bernard M. Christian and Jean T. Christian, parcel ID 066449, $290,000.

William Sailors to King E. Prescott Jr. and Carole H. Prescott, parcel ID 072095, $90,000.

IDK Homes Inc. to Duane J. Harris and Deanna M. Harris, parcel ID 0611869, $240,900.

Brandee Severson to Harold L. Clack and Wanda D. Clack, parcel ID 074400, $106,000.

PDH Builders Inc. to Kelly T. Davison, parcel ID 0651230, $299,800.

PDH Builders Inc. to Nathaniel A. Piper and Angelique Piper, parcel ID 0651239, $292,000.

Jorge L. Rivera to David Richard Bernier and Shirley K. Bernier, parcel ID 062864, $159,900.

Joyce Burkhart to Ann M. Hunnicutt, parcel ID 077519, $126,000.

Deborah J. Wolfe to Matthew J. Wubben, parcel ID 065801H, $253,000.

Michael T. Kerns to Boyd William Simmons, parcel ID 060397, $255,000.

Edna R. McGahee Enterprises LLC to Kim Ann Burdeshaw, 1831 Champions Circle, $188,000.

CSRA Blackstone LLC to Oconee Capital Investments LLC, 416 Jade Drive, $57,250.

CSRA Blackstone LLC to Oconee Capital Investments LLC, 412 Jade Drive, $57,250.

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