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Week 8 winners

There were 75 qualifiers out of 83 entries this week. Seven contestants picked all 10 games correctly, 30 picked nine games correctly, 24 contestants picked eight games correctly, and 14 picked seven correctly. Only eight contestants did not pick at least seven correctly.

Week 8 winners of a Pigskin Picks T-shirt are Tori Moody of Evans, Joey Hall of Martinez and Ridge Moody of Evans. The prizes are now available for pickup.

Week 8 qualifiers:

Tori Moody, Joey Hall, Ridge Moody, Harry Humphrey, Neal Johnson, P.J. Rodgers, Michael Fatolitis, Jason Gribek, Brendan Gribek, Corky Holloway, Debbie Holloway, Tracie D. Long, Shelia E. Hilson-Rodgers, Darryl L. Giles, Marie Klofenstine, Becky Muckelvaney, Billy Kelley, Bill Gray, Pete Moody, Courtney Sumner, Scott Pankey, Juanita W. Curry, Freddie Lewis, Bettina Pankey, Bill Jones, Lisha Moody, Harry Lang, Moyeen K. Azhar, Sherwood Vaughn, Terry Meeks, Ralph Herndon, Jim Riordan, Cheryl Hunt, Bethany Sumner, Donny Parnell, David Key, Nancy Edenfield, Quincy Talley, Evan Houde, Barbara E. Johnson, Ed Manders, Susan Glymph, Patricia Screws, Tripp Maxwell, Shannen Burnett, Judy L. Johnson, June Herndon, Gretchen Parker, Bob Klofenstine, Zach Azhar, Jim Park, Chris Parker, Jimmie D. Edenfield, Angie Humphrey, Annette E. Ports, Jean Edenfield, Evelyn J. Gray, Alvin Davis, Shirlean Talley, Frances M. Bagley, Marie Wicker, Mamie Lawler, Pat Hickson, Norma Griffin, Steve Hunt, Mary Jean Aitken, Byron Ray Wren, Donna Jones, Gavin Davis, Greg Davis, Deborah Stewart, Charles T. Johnson, Devin T. Long, David Tankersley and Ed Wicker.

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