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Deputies restrain combative woman

Posted: April 16, 2012 - 1:21pm  |  Updated: April 20, 2012 - 8:42am
Ophelia Overton  Hand Out
Hand Out
Ophelia Overton

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An Evans woman became combative early Friday after deputies pulled her vehicle over to find out if she was involved in a single-vehicle wreck.

When she was stopped by authorities, Ophelia Pantera Overton, 19, of the 770 block of Laurel Springs Court, first refused to get out of her vehicle, according to a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

Once she was out of the car, Overton then refused several times to put her cell phone on the ground, the report stated, and when a deputy tried to reach for the phone, Overton became combative and pushed him away.

While she was being put on the ground and handcuffed, Overton screamed profanities, spit and tried to kick deputies, the report stated. Deputies then carried her to the back of the patrol car, where she kicked both rear windows off the door frame.

She continued to spit at deputies on the ride to the jail, where she had to be placed in a restraint chair, the report stated.

Overton was charged with willful obstruction of law enforcement officers, interference with government property and failure to maintain lane.

She was released from jail Saturday after posting bond set at $8,500.

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"Bleeding hearts drive me insane..."

Best comment of the day Fatboyhog!!!! I would have said makes me SICK though!!!

And you are right, she was charged with DUI, and she didn't have a license, and the interference with gov't property is a felony!!! And the obstruction was with violence so that another felony!! I hope she gets a punishment that will wake her up before it is too late. Maybe she shouldn't be working in a bar either if she has substance/alcohol abuse or mental problems, ya think?? lol Wanna bet this isn't her first "incident" with the law??? lol


If you bet that it wasn't her

If you bet that it wasn't her first brush, you'd be correct...


Yep Fatboyhog!!

Someone gave her some bad advice and she used her first offender on a misdemeanor!! Can't use that to make those multiple felonies go away!! lol And the open case for fraud in the other county. SMDH. Don't see where she lost the license though, wonder if it was that deal of committing a crime while a minor or in school. She seems to have a lot of "nice" comments about the police. Seems to be a definite candidate for a "learning experience". lol