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Burn Center treats 25 patients from Christmas Eve through Friday

Posted: December 31, 2014 - 12:17am

From Christmas Eve until noon Friday, approximately 25 patients were treated at the Joseph M. Still Burn Centers for what hospital spokeswoman Lindsay Thetford described as “holiday-related injuries.”

The patients included several who had been injured in the kitchen, while others were burned while trying to keep warm, according to a statement from Thetford.

“We know there will be more patients who will visit our outpatient clinic this weekend,” said Dr. Fred Mullins, president of Joseph M. Still Burn Centers, Inc. “Then we’ll start the cycle again next week for New Year’s.”

For New Year’s celebrations, Mullins is urging citizens to use caution while handling fireworks.

“With the forecast calling for cool and clear conditions, we know people will be out celebrating,” Mullins said. “We can’t stress enough how important it is for people to stay safe and use a little common sense.”


LIGHT ONE AT a time in a designated area, away from dry grass and homes.

FIREWORKS SHOULD never be fired indoors.

DESIGNATE SOMEONE AS the safety person, someone as the “shooter” and someone to be in charge of keeping children clear of the shooting area.

MAKE SURE THE shooter is not wearing loose clothing that could ignite. If the device does not have a warning and/or instructions label, do not fire it.

NEVER STAND OVER an item that does not fire.

NEVER THROW FIREWORKS. A malfunctioning fuse could cause the item to go off in your hand.

USE A FLASHLIGHT so the shooter can see what he or she is doing.

BE SURE A FIRE extinguisher, hose or bucket or water is nearby.

KEEP PETS AND animals away as they may be frightened.

Provided by Doctors Hospital

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