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Steering committee helps plan for next decade

Posted: March 22, 2014 - 11:05pm

Columbia County officials recently approved a list of people to help rewrite the county’s main planning document.

Each of the four sitting commissioners appointed a person to join 15 other members on the Growth Management Plan Steering Committee. The group will work with the Planning and Zoning Department to put together the update of the plan, which has to be rewritten every 10 years.

“It’s actually a long-range growth-management plan for the county,” said Nayna Mistry, the planning director. “It’s a vision for the county because it defines where were are and where we want to go in the next 20 or 30 years.”

Mistry said the county is expected to continue to grow and the plan helps provide direction for the growth.

“With the (residential) growth comes other types of development,” Mistry said. “We want to plan for that growth and where it should be. The vision is meant to go out longer, long-term.”

The 19 committee members include planning officials from Grovetown and Harlem, representatives from Fort Gordon, the county school system, county committees and a variety of businesses and organizations.

The last partial update was performed in 2010.

The committee will work with county officials to prepare the state-mandated plan by Feb. 28, 2016. Public input is welcome, Mistry said, adding that meetings are open to the public and public forums are part of the planning process.

County Administrator Scott Johnson told county officials at a recent Management and Financial Services Committee meeting that hiring the CSRA Regional Commission or another consultant to assist with the plan is a possibility, but it largely depends on the cost.

“We do want to look at the consultant opportunity to see what kind of value we have there,” Johnson said at the March 11 meeting. “(The plan) is important for the county., but we’ll watch the dollars.”

Their first meeting will be at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Government Complex auditorium.


• Jim Cox and Gary Richardson – Planning Commission representatives

• Philip Howard – Commission Chairman Ron Cross’ appointee

• Thom Tuckey – Commissioner Ron Thigpen’s appointee

• Charles Sharpe – Commissioner Trey Allen’s appointee

• Al Harris – Commissioner Bill Morris’ appointee

• Frank Neal – Grovetown planner

• William Butler – Harlem planner

• Marva Dixon, Pat Buchholz and John Ramey – Fort Gordon

• Tim Beatty – Columbia County Board of Education

• Jean Garniewicz – Columbia County Development Authority

• Chris McLaughlin – Columbia County Chamber of Commerce

• Robbie Bennett – Columbia County Manufacturers Council

• Ken Richards – Columbia County Construction Advisory Committee

• Mark Ivey – Engineering and Advisory Committee

• David Butler – Columbia County Historical Property Preservation Advisory Committee

• Bill Corder – Columbia County Greenspace Advisory Board

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Can this group say yes to whatever? YES they can.

Can this group say yes to whatever? YES they can. CC is in flux. There is no plan. Only a "loose leaf binder" and lots of erasers. Unbridled construction at all cost, to the taxpayers.