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Harlem officials approve funds for urban redevelopment plan

Posted: February 2, 2014 - 12:08am
Harlem Mayor Bobby Culpepper swears in City Councilman Danny Bellavance during Monday's meeting.   Photo By Valerie Rowell
Photo By Valerie Rowell
Harlem Mayor Bobby Culpepper swears in City Councilman Danny Bellavance during Monday's meeting.

Harlem officials took another step toward planning for future growth at Monday’s monthly meeting.

City leaders approved $15,000 for the CSRA Regional Commission to formulate an urban redevelopment plan for the city.

The plan aims to accomplish goals listed in the city’s 10-year comprehensive plan.

“It’ll allow us to map out where we want our downtown to go in the future,” City Manager Jason Rizner said.

Grovetown passed a similar plan in April 2012 and hired a city planner to implement it. Grovetown’s plan focuses on eliminating blighted properties and redeveloping a city center downtown. The plan also led to the city’s form-based codes that replace many outdated zoning ordinances.

Harlem officials don’t know the exact details the plan will address, but they do know it likely will focus on revitalizing the areas in and around downtown.

At the first meeting of 2014, Harlem officials also appointed Councilman John Thigpen as mayor pro tem and other council members to lead city committees.

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Lamya Dalton

In a typical day, are urban

In a typical day, are urban planners reading documents online or do they go digging through old paper files in the city archives? Do they have land-use code and development rules memorized, or is a lot of time spent looking things up on places like black urban news? Do they use CAD software or is that only for specialists, and last but not least, are there things an excited, engaged urban planner might do, that someone who has given up wouldn't worry about?


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