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Teacher arrested for attacking husband's mistress

Posted: December 11, 2013 - 12:10am  |  Updated: December 11, 2013 - 1:05am
HAND OUT  Caroline Olivia Brooks, 34, of Martinez  Valerie Rowell
Valerie Rowell
HAND OUT Caroline Olivia Brooks, 34, of Martinez


A longtime Columbia County art teacher will not face workplace discipline after a recent arrest for a reported attack on her husband’s alleged mistress.

Caroline Olivia Brooks, 34, teaches art at Lakeside High School. She was charged early Saturday with criminal trespass and simple battery.

“The nature of the arrest being a domestic dispute at this point should not affect her continued employment with the school system,” Superintendent Dr. Sandra Carraway said Monday.

An Evans woman called authorities after 4 a.m. Saturday stating the wife of the 36-year-old man she was sleeping with came into her home and attacked her. The 29-year-old woman said she was sleeping with Brooks’ husband in her bedroom when she heard the back door open. She said Brooks came into the bedroom and hit her repeatedly.

Brooks’ husband told deputies the same story.

Brooks and her father refused to make a statement to police. Brooks was arrested and taken to the Columbia County Detention Center. She was released after posting a $3,200 bond, according to jailers.

Brooks, a 1997 Lakeside graduate, spent seven years teaching art at Greenbrier High School before returning to her alma mater in 2010.

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Little Lamb


When one looks at the photo above, one would get the impression the image is that of Valerie Rowell. It is not. It is a booking photo of Caroline Brooks.

Little Lamb

Shame, or No Shame

I feel sorry for Mrs. Brooks. And, yes, Dr. Carraway made the correct decision. Mrs. Brooks should continue to teach at Lakeside High.

If Mr. Brooks and his unnamed paramour have any shame at all, they will ask the police to drop the charges and withdraw their complaint.

But somehow I don't think that will happen.

Austin Rhodes

Little Lamb...

It damn well better!



What the story fails to mention is the Evans woman that was sleeping with Mrs. Brooks' husband was also supposedly a "friend" of Mrs. Brooks. Also that Mrs. Brooks was not arrested at the scene. She voluntarily turned herself in to the Evans substation. I also hope that she would drop the charges or she might find her name smeared as well.


Good For Her

Nothing but kudos for Mrs. Brooks...well done!


Best To Wait To Comment

I have no idea of the dynamics here. There are many possibilities. I'll let the parties and the court handle it. From Fox News:

"About 70 percent of married men admitted to cheating on their wives!
What about the women? Most statistics found that about 50 to 60 percent of women admitted to having an affair."



Golden Apple Award

Infidelity is something difficult to face when you are the victim. I say she is justified in her actions. They are fortunate the outcome wasn't worse than it turned out. Free Mrs. Brooks!!!!


Teacher should be arrested

She should have been arrested for breaking and entering...she is really lucky she wasn't shot, and the mistress would have been justified as well....someone broke into her home and the mistress was attacked, she could have unloaded lead on her assailant...I am amazed at all the people coming to this teacher's defense....two wrongs don't make a right, and for all these so called educated people in Col.Cty., think again! Hire a private investigator, and a divorce attorney and take the husband to the cleaners, but breaking into someone's home and then attacking them makes her no better of a person! The lesson she taught that day was breaking into someone's home and attacking them is okay...and she gets to keep her job as well!


Ummm, hearing people slam the

Ummm, hearing people slam the woman thinking she and her supporters won't report what they know about those slamming her and their spouses is foolish. I keep telling y'all it's best to leave them all alone and let them work it out or handle it in court.


noamsain is right..

I understand that she was upset. I understand that she wanted to get proof. But to go to the house at that time of the morning and confront them? If they were at Brooks residence and she walked in on them, it would be a different story. But she went to the other woman's house, KNOWING that there would more than likely be a confrontation. It's probably a good thing that the home owner didn't have a gun, or she would have been justified in using it.

Austin Rhodes

The cheating woman is a good friend of the teacher...

...and both she and the husband denied they were canoodling when the teacher confronted them on it not 24 hours before this happened.

Was the teacher right to do what she did? Of course not. But 99% of the world would have been cheering her on. The husband said he and the cheater deserved what happened, and he isn't pressing charges. Obviously, he is trying to get into Heaven now.

If the cheater continues to seek prosecution, the rest of her history, her name, and her track record in matters such as this become public record. If she doesn't, it all goes away.


Austin is wrong

If this were some other teacher, and not a family friend, Austin would be hollering she should have blown her away for breaking into her home. What the cheating husband and ex-friend did were wrong; to condone the actions of someone entering someone's home uninvited and assaulting them is also wrong. "99% of the world" is NOT cheering her on....people get cheated on all the time, and it takes two to tango...but most of them don't break laws because someone cheated on them. That makes NO sense! It's why the graveyards get extra customers, love gone mad! Just leave them; who would want someone that would do that? And if this teacher breaks into someone's home and assaults them, it sounds like she has some serious problems going on....maybe that's why the husband felt the need to look elsewhere. Just saying! It is bad that she was cheated on by her husband and her so-called friend....but what she did is just as bad, by breaking and entering into someone's home and assaulting them, The cheating husband and his friend with benefits aren't the ones getting the mug shot and charged with a crime, for her breaking in and assaulting someone, she should have been! And she gets to keep her job and be a role model!


Really You are shocked?

"and both she and the husband denied they were canoodling when the teacher confronted them on it not 24 hours before this happened."....duh....don't they ALWAYS deny it? Remember, I did NOT have relations with that woman! lol, that this was even mentioned-of course they deny, an affair is a lie and a cheater has to lie to cover up the affair....lying goes with it....and if you have ever cheated on someone, don't sit up here all holier than thou and cast stones at someone else. It's wrong, but so was the teacher for her actions. She broke the law and is lucky she didn't get shot as some others have who also thought it wise to confront lovers.



The charge is trespassing, not breaking and entering. She walked through an unlocked door into a house she'd been in numerous times since it was her friend. Of course two wrongs don't make a right but she's a wonderful teacher, coach, friend and sister. Her life was turned upside down and she made a bad decision. She should not have to lose he career over it.

Austin Rhodes

The lead up to all this confrontation...

...is what is key. Armed with all the info, this case looks far worse for the home wrecker than it does now.

Noam'...what Paul Kersey and Harry Callahan did was "illegal" as well, and they were two of the biggest heroes in the history of cinema.

But Noam makes good points about the actions of the teacher "looking" crazy. If I have to explain the rest of it all...in detail...with pictures...I can. If the case is dropped...I won't.

Trust me, this lady does NOT want all the background info in the case out...


Agree with noamsain...

IMO, this is simply a favor for AR's wife. I've heard him say numerous times - on his radio show - that he's not interested in what adults do behind closed doors, including 'who's canoodling with who'. So, what's different here?

This got plenty of air time on AR's Wednesday show, just because Brooks is AR's close friend.


"Exortion" maybe?

Sounds like maybe the "harlot" (the word used on the "show" yesterday) should call the police. Entering an "unlocked" house is no "excuse". Just because the two are "friends" doesn't give her the "right" to enter the house and commit a crime. There is a "right" way and a "wrong" way to handle this and the accused is "wrong". "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones".


no excuses

I'm not making excuses for her and I agree she was wrong... People make bad decisions and this was a horrible one for her to make. My point is that she shouldn't lose her career over this. http://chronicle.augusta.com/sports/other-sports/2012-09-28/ironman-day-...


From the "article": “The

From the "article": “The nature of the arrest being a domestic dispute at this point should not affect her continued employment with the school system,” Superintendent Dr. Sandra Carraway said Monday.


What would you do?

It is NEVER ok to toy with someone's emotions and idea of their family and home. She stood up for herself. Cheating is a betrayal of trust and robs a person of a sense of security of their identity and home. The harlot obviously has made a career of stealing husbands and tearing hearts apart. All is fair in love and war.


I am glad Mrs. Brooks took it

I am glad Mrs. Brooks took it in her own hands to find out the truth. If she confronted both suspects on the topic of cheating and both denied it then what was she to do? Just let it be and pretend that her instincts aren't telling her otherwise. Anyone in their right mind would go crazy over the thought of their husband and "good friend" canoodling! And YES there's a good chance someone "madly" in love would be angry enough to stomp over to the "friends" house and give her a piece of what she deserves, as well as the husband! Also, before any of you cast stones DON'T act like you have never been so angry to the point you get aggressive in your actions. Maybe it's not directed towards a person but to each their own. Yes what she did was illegal but she was so angry and hurt it's what happened. So don't judge her! And she has been working for Dr. Carraway for a long time and Dr. Carraway knows she is not a violent person. Just as Rhodes defended her earlier so did Dr. Carraway because YES they are friends and friends do that for each other. Mrs. Brooks is an amazing teacher and definitely deserves to keep her job. How do I know this? Well I am a former student of Mrs. Brooks. I graduated in 2007 and had her as a teacher from 2005-2007. Mrs. Brooks is not only a wonderful teacher but also a wonderful person. When I was in high school I had a troubled home life. Mrs. Brooks everyday asked me if I was ok, and made sure I was fed, and made sure I knew that someone cared about me. So YES I might be biased but without doubt I believe Mrs. Brooks still a great human being. I know she is indefinitely sorry for her actions and she shows that by "turning herself in" to the police. I hope everything works out in her best interest. AND for the other two... I hope they get what they deserve. SHAME on them for doing that to such a wonderful human being.


Mrs. Brooks

What is soooo shocking is what Mrs. Brooks seen when she looked through Her Girlfriends Bedroom window. She saw 10 toes up, and she then 10 toes down, and two BIG ARSES a BOUNCING UP and DOWN. She don't claim to be No Science Major but it didn't take much Guesswork to figure out exactly what was a Going On in there...



Carrie, I just want you to know I am praying for you. Just ignore these negative comments on here. They do not know you and if they did they would be supportive. I am glad to see Austin has your back. You are going to get through this.