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Couple arrested for buying stolen items

Posted: September 12, 2013 - 3:06pm  |  Updated: September 14, 2013 - 11:00pm
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HAND OUT  James Melvin Reid, 68, of Augusta  Valerie Rowell
Valerie Rowell
HAND OUT James Melvin Reid, 68, of Augusta

Columbia County authorities arrested an Augusta couple accused of buying stolen items on Tuesday.

James Melvin Reid Sr., 68, and his wife, Mary Louise Reid, 71, of Wicklow Drive, were charged with theft by receiving stolen property.

Information from an informant led to the arrest at West Town shopping center in Martinez. Columbia County sheriff’s investigators set up surveillance to observe a transaction in the parking lot at about 2:30 p.m., according to sheriff’s Major Rick Whitaker.

A woman got into the Reids’ Ford truck with $2,100 worth of various items including a large amount of Mach 3 razors, Whitaker said. The woman got out of the truck with $200 cash from the Reids.

“A reasonable person knows the items were worth a lot more, but gave her ($200),” Whitaker said. “That shows their intent, that they knew they were buying items that cost a lot more.”

Investigators seized $7,147.61 in cash from the Reids as well as their 2013 Ford F-150.

Mary Reid was released from the Columbia County Detention Center Tuesday after posting a $2,600 bond, according to jailers. James Reid was released Wednesday after posting the same bond amount, according to jailers.

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10% Is Not Unreasonable

Buying goods at ten percent is not unheard of. You see ads all the time for special buying clubs/organizations who do that. This elderly couple could have easily believed they were simply getting a good deal. They are arrested, lose $7,000 and their truck? This doesn't seem right.

I once sold a boat and motor at a ridiculously low price because it was a convenience for me to get rid of it that way. Where do we draw the line with someone getting a good deal having a requirement to know the item is stolen? 20%, 30%. Who decides what is reasonable?


Riverman1 - EXACTLY what I

Riverman1 - EXACTLY what I was thinking. There has to be more to this story. So whats next....... CCSD headed to the flea market Saturday?


I guess you missed the part

I guess you missed the part about CCSD recieving a tip. Now I can see getting a good deal on one item but multiple items from one individual?

Sweet son

Sweet son missed something too!

What happened to the 'woman' who got the $200? Did they forget to tell who 'she' was?


Wait a cotton picking minute.

Wait a cotton picking minute. Were the razors even stolen?


Reasonable Person

“A reasonable person knows the items were worth a lot more, but gave her ($200),” Whitaker said. “That shows their intent, that they knew they were buying items that cost a lot more.”

See, I don't buy that statement one bit. Simply because someone buys something at 10% of value, that does not mean a reasonable person would think it was stolen. THAT does NOT show intent. Maybe there is more to the story, but if all they have is what Whitaker said these people should not have been arrested.


The Other Side I'm Hearing

Okay, I’m hearing on the radio the other side. It was said these people with flea markets, etc. don’t pay taxes. Hey, I don’t doubt that, but that’s apples and oranges. We’re not talking taxes, we are talking crime. It was said anyone buying any consumer item in large quantity should know it was stolen.

I bought razor blades about 4 years ago at one of the biggest stores in town from a huge bin at the entrance at about a quarter of the usual cost. The manufacturer was coming out with a new version. I bought a ten year supply if not more. I gave many away and I didn’t resell any, but I can see some doing that. Sales like that happen and if someone buys them at a big discount it’s presumptuous to say they know they are buying stolen property.


Cash Explained

If they are also into buying and selling at flea markets, it explains the cash they had. Carcraft, a tip can be anything and it would be easy to read into this transaction they knew they were going to be getting stolen property. If words were recorded with them saying they knew they were getting stolen property I'll listen. I doubt such a recording exists.



Okay, noooooooowwwwwww, more is coming out on the radio saying these people have been followed somehow and more charges will follow if that is to be believed. That may very well be the case, but I'll wait to see what comes out. So far, little has surfaced. Because we in Columbia County don't like flea markets and some not paying taxes there's no reason to go after 70 year old flea market sellers. Heck, the guy charged as a child molester was brought up as an example of why flea market operators are evil. I don't even use coupons, much less shop at flea markets, but to arrest people because they sell at flea markets is wrong.


Is it ok

for 70 somethings to buy stolen goods and then resell them? And, for the record, I don't like thieves who skirt paying taxes. Tax cheats are criminals and should be locked up.


Yeah, Show Me the Woman's Charges

Yeah, what about the woman? It DOES take two to tango. Maybe she was scorned by them before, and SHE was the snitch.