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Photo by Jim Blaylock
Firefighter Brian Herrington helps Caitlin Peebles, 6, after the day care bus on which she was riding overturned on Hardy McManus Road. There were no serious injuries to the nine passengers or the driver of the bus.

Children okay after daycare bus flips

Posted: August 19, 2013 - 4:44pm  |  Updated: August 20, 2013 - 11:06pm
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Children from an overturned day care bus walk to an ambulance to be checked out. All nine children were wearing seatbelts and were able to evacuate the overturned bus.  Photo by Jim Blaylock
Photo by Jim Blaylock
Children from an overturned day care bus walk to an ambulance to be checked out. All nine children were wearing seatbelts and were able to evacuate the overturned bus.

Several Columbia County children escaped serious injury when a day care bus they were riding in flipped over Monday afternoon.

Julian Ronald Brown II, 20, of Evans, was driving the bus of nine elementary school children on
Hardy-McManus Road just before 4 p.m. when he lost control going over a hill, according to Columbia County sheriff’s Deputy Scott Curry. Brown had just left Riverside Elementary School.

“He remembers he couldn’t steer it,” Curry said.

The bus was transporting children for an after-school program at Greenbrier, A Bradley School, on William Few Parkway.

Curry said it appears the bus veered off the westbound shoulder twice before Brown overcorrected.

The bus spun around and flipped onto its side on the edge of a steep embankment.

All nine children were wearing seat belts and were able to climb out of the overturned vehicle, Curry said.

Some sustained minor injuries, but most were uninjured, he said.

Some of the children were picked up at the crash scene by their parents, and others were taken to a nearby church to wait for their parents.

Brown was cited for
driving too fast for conditions, and other charges are pending, Curry said.

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Why on earth would you allow a twenty year old to drive a school bus? He's barely out of school himself. It's a miracle that no one was seriously hurt.


It is a great news that they

It is a great news that they all are well and no one got injured too severely. But, in order to be certain, the children should go to the hospital to be checked by a physician. If the hospital has the latest medical equipment, everything will go much faster, if not the hospital manager should resort to the services from to purchase the right products for this medical equipment, to improve it.

kenu lorsen

The bus will be repaired, but

The bus will be repaired, but the children will remain with some ugly memories. Some parents don't want their children to use a school bus, maybe because they fear about these kind of outcomes. They prefer to take them to school in the family car, no matter if it is an old rusty one or a brand new one, for instance restored at

kenu lorsen

The school board should have

The school board should have hired an experienced driver, maybe he would have managed to avoid the accident. Also, the bus must have a good auto insurance in order to be repaired without paying any money. In the future, the school board can get a free auto insurance quote to find out which is the best auto insurance for a school bus.


If a parent believes that his

If a parent believes that his child was injured in the accident and the school board doesn't want to release this kind of information, he should sue the school. An experienced personal accident injury lawyer, like the one can explain him more about the legal steps that he has to follow or even better, he can represent him in the trial.


How can a twenty year old be

How can a twenty year old be responsible enough to drive a school bus? The school board shouldn't have allowed this. Given this situation, parents can hire a personal injury lawyer in Manchester to make sure that none of the nine children were traumatized and that the bus's driver will take responsibility for the consequences of his actions.


This situation is

This situation is unacceptable! The school board should be hiring drivers with experience, not teenagers! However, to be prepared for such situations, everyone should take a look on It's better to know who to turn to in case you need roadside assistance.

Andrew Cowan

It was a horrible experience

It was a horrible experience for the kids and it could have become a tragic for all of them. But thankfully they were lucky enough to survive, the parents have to become cautious when it comes to choosing a transportation company for their kids. In fact if you want to hire a transportation service provider, you have to choose a good Boston event transportation company.


No one was injured and this

No one was injured and this is what really matters, the accident could have turned much more ugly. Did the bus suffer any serious damage? The kids need it for future road trips, so hopefully the tow truck in Fairfax County, VA was called in a short time and the bus was checked and made safe by a professional mechanic.

Andrew Cowan

It could have been a fatal

It could have been a fatal accident, the parents should now choose a different transportation company. However, most transportation companies could be found online, if you need a company that could transport cars then you could find that at

Paul Ricca

The parents will have to talk

The parents will have to talk to the daycare authorities to make sure that such an incident does not happen again. However, all vehicles need to be properly maintained. It is best to change the parts after few years, these days you can find auto parts stores online, if you need a colorado springs auto parts store you can find that online in a jiffy.

Craig Spearman

Really a very sad incident

Really a very sad incident and also feeling relaxed that all the children survived as they have used the seat belt properly. It is very necessary to use seat belt whenever your going anywhere in your personal vehicle alone or with family. Here, You can't blame the driver here as he lost his control going over a hill and it was unfortunate incident. All 9 children survived, just minor injuries in some of them, but I think they all are lucky. So, I think we should learn some lessons from here that to use seat belt and to drive the vehicle in control, no rash driving. Particularly, the transport department mustn't allow under aged or teen drivers to drive vehicles on freeways or highways without taking their proper driving tests and that to several times for their safety. Teen Driving Guide


A bus ride can be convenient

A bus ride can be convenient or not, like in this situation. For example, besides taking the bus daily at work or school, someone can visit together with a group of tourists another state and take a charter bus rental, like the one offered online at by the King Coach Charter Bus Tours NYC. In this way, he will be able to visit all the popular sights in and around the city, without having to waste his time on changing the buses or taking the taxi.


Every child injured should be

Every child injured should be sent immediately to the hospital, no matter if his injuries are minor or more severe. Only a doctor can tell the parents if the child is ok or he should be kept for a day or two at the hospital. A quality patient positioning system, like the one found at will speed any medical procedure, including the child's medical checkup.

Gerad Butcher

So sad this incident. Bus

So sad this incident. Bus driver needs to be careful as far as they can. It is about life and death of passengers. And most importantly they have to follow the traffic rules. Traffic management also need to be more advance and technically perfect to avoid any sort of unfortunate incident. School Trip Transportation in Ventura


I was so sad to read about

I was so sad to read about this incident. But after hearing that all kids were safe, I became cool. elder care las vegas I think the effort of the rescue team was huge. I appreciate them for reaching at the right time.



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