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Retirement resort will open in 2014

Rent for apartments will include meals, utilities, more

Posted: August 17, 2013 - 11:06pm
Representatives from Marshall Square Retirement Resort held a groundbreaking ceremony with officials from Columbia County, Augusta, North Augusta and Aiken. Participants were Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver (from left), Columbia County Commission Chairman Ron Cross, Marshall Square Retirement Resort Vice President of Sales Jeff Cunningham, Marshall Square Retirement Resort Marketing Director Karla Frese and Columbia County Chamber President/CEO Tammy Shepherd.  Photo by Jim Blaylock
Photo by Jim Blaylock
Representatives from Marshall Square Retirement Resort held a groundbreaking ceremony with officials from Columbia County, Augusta, North Augusta and Aiken. Participants were Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver (from left), Columbia County Commission Chairman Ron Cross, Marshall Square Retirement Resort Vice President of Sales Jeff Cunningham, Marshall Square Retirement Resort Marketing Director Karla Frese and Columbia County Chamber President/CEO Tammy Shepherd.

A Nebraska-based company says it plans to open the doors to a $27 million luxury apartment complex for seniors in the heart of Evans by the end of next summer.

Jeff Cunningham, vice president of sales for the Marshall Square Retirement Resort, said at a groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday that construction on the 134-unit “all inclusive” complex should begin within a few days.

Columbia County commissioners approved a revision to the Marshall Square zoning restirctions in March that cleared the way for the development by Resort Lifestyle Communities, on an 8.6-acre parcel at the corner of North Belair Road and Ronald Reagan Drive.

The apartments, ranging from studio to three-bedroom units will range in price from about $2,000 to more than $4,000 per month, said Cunningham. That price will cover meals, utilities, shuttle transportation and activities.

Cunningham compared it to a luxuary hotel or cruise ship where everything is taken care of by the staff.

He said the complex will have round the clock concierge service and valet parking, among other services normally associated with vacation resorts.

All leases will be month-to-month and the company will offer a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days.

“If our residents are not happy they will be free to move somewhere else,” he said.

“But we know they are going to be happy.”

Among the amenities will be a 150-seat theater and meeting room, which will be available to the community to reserve and use free of charge, he said.

Cunningham said the company’s target customers are wealthy and active people over 55 who want to stay connected to the community.

The company, which was established in 2000, operates nine other resort communities in five other states. It most recently opened resort complexes in Memphis and Knoxille, Tenn.

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Sounds Exclusive

I am concerned by Mr. Cunningham's statement- for "wealthy and active people over 55"- sounds like there could be some discriminatory practices, how are those parameters determined? do they do a credit check? does someone have to prove how "active" they are?

kenu lorsen

Although this building will

Although this building will be a luxury apartment complex for seniors, the rent prices shouldn't be set too high if the owner wants to have more tenants. Using the latest eco-friendly technologies, like the solar water heating Ormond Beach systems or the wind energy will definitely reduce the utilities costs, thus the costs of living in this luxury building.


After the apartment complex

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kenu lorsen

These older people will also

These older people will also need a park nearby because they are used with short walks in the nature. Further, the owner could resort to the landscape design in Jacksonville, FL services to arrange a small garden near the building. Both ideas are great and if he can not find a land for a park nearby, at least, he should arrange this intimate garden.


You haven't given so many

You haven't given so many details how this apartment building will be arranged on each floor. If your concept is like a nursery home, then all the tenants from a floor will have only one kitchen and a few bathrooms to share. If the construction is really an apartment building, then every tenant will have everything he needs in the apartment. Either way, it is best to use granite countertops Keller TX for the kitchen area because this material is more resistant and the seniors won't have to change it for a long period of time.


Make sure that your siding

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Lisa Mercury

In order to open this

In order to open this retirement resort, they probably relocated some of the properties. For this problem, there are Atlanta relocation companies that help even big companies by creating a step by step process in order to easily relocate. Anyway, this is great news, hopefully the resort will be full of people willing to live there.

Lisa Mercury

There are many ways in which

There are many ways in which we can make the lives of our elders much easier and this retirement resort is one of them. Another proper solution is home care Huntington Beach that offers personal and companion home care and healthcare services for those that need assistance at home. All in all, from your article, you can totally see that these people worked so much to build this resort, let's hope it will live up to expectations.

Paul Ricca

It would definitely be a

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retirement resort

The idea of opening this retirement resort was great! In this way, many elderly would have a place where to feel like home. The resort looks amazing. It has an elegant interior with murals in Baltimore wall designs and modern furniture. Moreover the resort provides all the facilities that elderly need.


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This news about the retirement resort is much interesting. In my opinion more and more businesses should move on to ideas like the retirement resorts as this will help many at their retirement ages. Keep up the good work BG Sprayers

Beth McClure

RE: Retirement resort

I would like to know more about Evans. The amount charged, how I can apply etc. This is for myself. At present am in service and I would like to spend my time after retirement here. Thanks in advance.

Beth McClure
click for personal profile


What a good to start for

What a good to start for senior citizens but I also tried Guatemala and here's the absolute truth, all of those third world countries are very very cheap IF!!! only IF!! you want to live like a native, live in their housing, eat their food and live their lifestyle. But if you move there and want to live a Western lifestyle with western conveniences. Lets see the response of senior citizen out of it and maybe other big Realtor give a start to such programs too.


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