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Hereford Farm construction hopefully won't be the last

Posted: August 10, 2013 - 11:06pm
Work continues on the widening of Gibbs Road in front of the New Evans Elementary School. Part of Hereford Farm Road also is being widened.  Photo by Jim Blaylock
Photo by Jim Blaylock
Work continues on the widening of Gibbs Road in front of the New Evans Elementary School. Part of Hereford Farm Road also is being widened.

Columbia County officials hope ongoing construction on Hereford Farm Road will lead to more improvements on the Evans road.

Construction began in the spring on the intersection of Hereford Farm Road and Gibbs Road, but nearly constant rains in June and July slowed the process.

The $3.8 million project includes improving the intersection by realigning it to make it “more user-friendly,” said county Engineering Services Division Director Matt Schlachter. The road will be widened to three lanes, two traffic and a turn lane, to Evans Middle School.

Sidewalks also will be built from Cox Road at Byrd Road to the intersection and along Hereford Farm Road to the school. New, “more aesthetically pleasing” signal poles and lighted street signs will be added to the intersection.

The project also included construction of a widening and new entrance on Gibbs Road at the Evans Elementary School. The Columbia County School System contributed about $250,000 to the project that will avoid having their entrance road destroyed and rebuilt when the road is widened in the future.

“We knew eventually, we’d have to do some additional work on Gibbs Road,” Schlachter said. “The bulk of the project is at the intersection.”

Schlachter said he estimates two or three more months of work before the construction is complete.

Work funded by the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax includes improvements to Horizon South Parkway and Lewiston Road from Grovetown to Columbia Road and extending Riverwatch Parkway to meet Towne Centre Boulevard at Washington Road.

Schlachter said he’d like to see more work on Hereford Farm Road, widening it from Evans Middle School to Columbia Road.

“That’s our missing link,” Schlachter said. “We know we have a problem. We know we’re going to have a problem and we rather address it now.”

Schlachter said improving the road has come up in recent discussion about the county’s projects on the statewide Transportation Improvement Program.

Design and engineering plans haven’t yet been started because the project is only a “hope” until funding is secured.

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Very good initiative to build

Very good initiative to build that road! Columbia County officials are not constructing only this but they are collaborating with those from http://roblconstruction.com/about/default.aspx to renew the old buildings of the county, they want to make the city look better.

Rick Johnson

Hopefully, they will finish

Hopefully, they will finish this project, constructing on Hereford Farm Road will definitely bring improvements on the Evans road. They might think about using outdoor landscape lighting on the side of the road, it will make the road a special ride for drivers: http://www.roberthuff.com/About.html . But first of all, they must think about road safety and only after that, they can come with ideas of how to make the scenery look more spectacular.

Rick Johnson

This construction will have a

This construction will have a positive impact on the city's infrastructure. Altough it surely is a big plan that requires more resources than looking for some options for vinyl flooring in Minneapolis, MN for a house project, it doesn't mean that the result won't be worth it. The interestion surely needs some improvement and drivers will definitely sense and appreciate the change.

Rick Johnson

Imagine all the hard work and

Imagine all the hard work and materials that they have to use in order to finish construction on Hereford Farm Road. They will definitely need space to store all the materials and a good solution can be the one with self storage lockers: www.storcal.com . Hopefully, they will get the job done as soon as possible.

Rick Johnson

They should carry out with

They should carry out with this construction, it will change the whole scenery. Of course, if they're thinking about the idea of a lake near the road, they will definitely need in order to manage it: http://lakemasters.com . Anyway, they seem like a great team, they will get the job done as soon as possible.


Given the necessity of

Given the necessity of improving the road, the funds will eventually come up from one direction or another. As long as the project is realistic and they work with serious people, like these folks that deal with replacement windows in Virginia Beach, then they shouldn't have troubles completing the work. The completion of this project is a must, so heopefully they will be able to do it soon.

Rick Johnson

This is a great idea, the

This is a great idea, the road definitely needs improvements. Of course, before they start thinking about constructions, they should take care of a mold and moisture control. If you want to find out more information regarding this subject, you can check it out here: http://restoration-chemicals.com/category/news/ . After all, there's nothing more important than construction safety.


Not only that the road needs

Not only that the road needs to be improved but the piping underneath it also needs attention. Fortunatelly, there are companies like http://www.jagco.net/industrial-marine.html that provide all the equipment needed. Of course, everyone hopes it won`t be the last project they`ll have but it takes time and a lot of money to finish every project.

Mary Sanders

They shouldn't stop here,

They shouldn't stop here, Hereford Farm construction is just the first step. If they need help from a company that offers indoor temperature, they should check it out here: http://www.indoortemp.com/ . After all, they should be cautious, in matters of contruction safety and quality of the materials everything is possible.


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