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Greenbrier students welcome newcomers to school

Posted: August 4, 2012 - 11:04pm
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Greenbrier student Avery Williams guides a group of new students on a tour of the school during the Student 2 Student program.  Photo by Jim Blaylock
Photo by Jim Blaylock
Greenbrier student Avery Williams guides a group of new students on a tour of the school during the Student 2 Student program.

Greenbrier High School is going out of its way to make new students feel welcome.

Tuesday, the school’s Student 2 Student (S2S) program gave about 30 new students the lay of the land before the school’s open house Thursday night and the beginning of school this week.

Sophomores Madison Metcalf and Avery Williams, assistant principal Ed Williams and guidance counselor Steve Metcalf went to San Antonio in March for four days of program training.

The S2S program is presented through the Military Child Education Coalition and trains civilian and military-connected high school students to establish and sustain peer-based programs in their schools.

Before the March training Heather Howse, the Fort Gordon School Liaison Officer contacted Greenbrier graduation coach Nicole Muns about putting together a team to take the training.

There was never any thought about not putting the program into action.

“If we’re going to the conference, we’re going to implement this, we’re going to run with it,” said Muns. “We’re not going to let it fizzle out. I feel like we had a good turnout tonight, and it’s only going to grow.”

Rather than rush a program into action before the end of the 2012 school year, they decided to implement prior to the start of the new school year.

They were pleased with the turnout.

“I had no idea how many people would show up so it was a really great turnout,” said Madison Metcalf. “It was a good experience for next year and the years to come.”

Her partner agreed.

“It went good,” said Avery Williams. “We weren’t really expecting a lot of people, and since we had a lot it was really fun. I’m just glad we got to help the students.”

Students from as far away as England and as close as Burke County received a packet of information, heard from administrators and then took a guided tour of the school.

While basic information about locker location and hallway designations was helpful, breaking the ice with others was a bonus.

Noemi Parsons was with her son Chris, getting him ready for his third high school in four years.

She thought the program was beneficial.

“I think it’s great and good for students,” said Parsons. “He’s (Chris) already talking to two students. Greenbrier seems to care so much about the kids.”

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this is the glue, these are the locks

that is the non-student who will have "substances" available in his red truck in the parking lot..........


Jackie O's tour of the White House was

most likely less expensive. An "in house" refresher on where the facilities are located would have been sufficient.


Your tax dollars at work

or maybe not?

Barry Paschal

Student volunteers

Soapy, what's up with the harsh cynicism? These tours were led by student volunteers.