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Parents can help children prep for pre-k

Posted: March 24, 2012 - 11:11pm  |  Updated: March 26, 2012 - 9:22am
Pre-K pupils at Appletree Academy II listen as their teacher reads a story.   Photo by Jim Blaylock
Photo by Jim Blaylock
Pre-K pupils at Appletree Academy II listen as their teacher reads a story.


Reading to children before they enter prekindergarten can them give a leg up in the classroom, according to a Columbia County educator.

“The best thing that you can do to prepare your child for school is to read to them,” said Columbia County school system Director of Elementary Learning Michele Sherman. “Vocabulary is a huge indicator of success in school.”

It’s important, Sherman said, for parents to carry on conversations with their young children, which will help them learn communication skills.

Though some pupils arrive at school already familiar with their letters or colors, Sherman said the pre-K curriculum is also designed to meet the needs of others who are not.

“Parents don’t need to panic if their children haven’t learned some of the skills, because we are going to teach them,” she said. “There are no prerequisites for pre-K or kindergarten.”

There are other ways for parents to help prepare their children for the first time in a classroom, Sherman said.

They can teach their children self-help skills, such as buttoning clothing and tying shoes, she said.

A major adjustment that many pupils face when they start school is dealing with a seven-hour day away from home.

Before school starts, Sherman recommends that parents develop a bedtime routine to ensure a full night of sleep.

By the time school does begin, it’s often adults who have the hardest time adjusting, said Sherman, who encourages parents to keep their goodbyes brief on the first day.

“The longer they stay in the classroom, the harder it is for that child to let go,” she said.

For those still feeling apprehensive about the process, Sherman suggests they take their child for a tour of the school before classes start to make the transition easier.

“School is fun,” she said. “It’s a fun place to be.

“(Children) don’t know that on the first day of school, but within 10 minutes they learn that.”

For more information, visit the school system’s Web site at

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That is literally something

That is literally something we might end up learning well as we face something that could be scary at first. - Reba Rambo-McGuire

Paul Ricca

The parents can certainly get

The parents can certainly get their children ready for school by reading out good story books. It is a crucial learning stage for the kids where they can definitely pick up many new words. The parents should also get the kids interested in physical activities by installing rainy day Indoor Support Bar in the home. These items could be found online at

Robert Harris

The parents should take this

The parents should take this advice seriously and they should concentrate on reading fun stories to children at home. However, the day care centers too should have a reading session for the little ones. They have to concentrate on making their center a better place for kids and for this they can find the help they need at


The parents can help their

The parents can help their children by reading them every day at night, but the school as well, should offer the parents guarantees that their children are safe at school and they learn only useful things. Therefore, a few best security cameras installed all over the school is a good idea. What is more interesting than seeing your children on the computer, from home?!


Yes this is a truth. Every

Yes this is a truth. Every parent admits their children to the pre kinder gardens. I think the best thing the parents can do is to teach them to improve their communication skills. It is best to make the children more comfortable with the pre kinder garden through giving some basics by the here


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As a parent, you should

As a parent, you should always read to your child, not only to prepare him for school. Also, you should find the best educational institution to enroll your children in those programs, like this amazing child care St. Paul MN. These educators will take good care of your children and help him to discover himself.


Indeed, sometimes parents

Indeed, sometimes parents should get involved in their children's education that they receive at school. And a great way to teach your children new concepts is by playing educational games, like the kids geography game DC. The GeoPlunge offers a great way for children to learn without the feeling of being taught, which is the entire point of such recreational activities.

Andrew Cowan

It does help, because if they

It does help, because if they can develop an interest in learning when they listen to a story, they might feel interested to learn more such interesting stories. But for little kids learning should be a fun process. So the parents should send their kids to a LEGO franchise where the little ones can learn in a fun manner.


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