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Day care list

Posted: March 24, 2012 - 11:10pm  |  Updated: March 26, 2012 - 9:23am

A Child’s World

4204 Columbia Road, Martinez

(706) 860-0059

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: $105 to $125 each week; $36 to $70 each week (before- or after-school care)

Contact: Amber Rawlins


A Child’s World

4689 Hardy McManus Road, Evans

(706) 364-4216

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: $118 to $128 each week; $45 to $70 each week (before- or after-school care)

Contact: Sara Simmons via email at ssimmons@acwchildcare.com


A Child’s World

925 Stevens Creek, Martinez

(706) 863-9485

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: $113 to $123 each week; $45 to $70 each week (before- or after-school care); $125 to $130 each week (summer care)

Contact: Angela Ramsey


A Child’s World

325 Old Wrightsboro Road, Grovetown

(706) 868-9966

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: Call for rates

Contact: Sharon Tolver


Angela’s Playhouse

105 Wesley Drive, Martinez

(706) 863-6443

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: $85 to $120 each week; $65 each week (after-school care)

Contact: Angela Lee


Appletree Academy I

501 The Pass, Martinez

(706) 868-6060

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: $122 to $130 each week; $50 to $70 each week (before- or after-school care)

Contact: Jan Hughes


Appletree Academy II

1047 Furys Ferry Road, Evans

(706) 868-6061

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: $125 to $135 each week; $65 to $75 each week (before- or after-school care)

Contact: Pat Shank


Appletree Academy III

460 Furys Ferry Road, Martinez

(706) 650-2003

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: $120 to $135/week; $50 to $70 each week (before- or after-school care)

Contact: Tami Carver


Blue Ridge Preschool & Daycare

592 Blue Ridge Drive, Evans

(706) 860-7799

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: $115 to $125 each week; $45 to $50 each week (before- or after-school care)

Contact: Lynne Johnson


Brinson’s Day Care

4027 Pleasant Home Road, Martinez

(706) 863-9351

Ages: 6 weeks-5 years

Rates: $120 to $125 each week

Contact: Ann Brinson


Children’s Unique

728 N. Belair Road, Evans

(706) 650-2369

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: Call for rates


Cornerstone Academy Christian Childcare & Preschool

111 S. Belair Road, Martinez

(706) 210-8810

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years; Christian Pre-K for 4- and 5-year-olds (September and October birthdays accepted)

Rates: $100 to $120 each week; $35 to $65 each week (before- or after-school care)

Contact: Kristy DeArman


Cornerstone Academy Christian Childcare & Preschool II

118 Old Evans Road, Martinez

(706) 814-7198

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years; Christian Pre-K for 4- and 5-year-olds (September and October birthdays accepted)

Rates: $110 to $120 each week; $35 to $65 each week (before- or after-school care)

Contact: Kristy DeArman


Culbreth’s Home Day Care

205 Oak Ridge Drive, Martinez

(706) 855-5436

Ages: 4 weeks-5 years

Rates: $95 to $105 each week

Contact: Kim Culbreth



3025 William Few Parkway, Evans

(706) 210-4592

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: $145 to $155 each week; $70 to $75 each week (before- or after-school care)

Contact: Katie Tracey


Jean Price’s Day Care

4569 Oxford Drive, Evans

(706) 860-9620

Ages: 6 weeks-Pre-K

Rates: $110 each week

Contact: Jean Price


Judy’s Learning Safari

Holiday Park Subdivision, Martinez

(706) 863-9567

Ages: 6 weeks-4 years

Rates: Call for rates

Contact: Judith Richburg


Learning Junction Inc.

526 Gibbs Road, Evans

(706) 650-0116

Ages: 6 weeks-13 years

Rates: $70 to $135 each week

Contact: Christy Jackson or Gene Sutton


Little Castle Child Care

220 Baston Road, Martinez

(706) 210-3958

Rates: $145 each week (full-time); $95 each week (part-time)

*Bilingual – Spanish and English


Oakbook Country Day School

3804 Evans-to-Locks Road, Martinez

(706) 860-8300

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: $145 to $155 per week; $70 to $75 per week (before- or after-school care)

Contact: Katie Tracey


Small Wonders Playcare

229 N. Belair Road, Evans

(706) 860-7676

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: $117 to $130 per week; $60 to $75 per week (before- or after-school care)

Contact: Kathi Borgner


The Sunshine House Inc.

330 N. Belair Road, Evans

(706) 860-8507

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: $125 to $137 each week; $40 to $70 each week (before- or after-school care)

Contact: Kimberly Smith


Wheeler Pines

1219 George C. Wilson Drive, Augusta

(706) 860-3543

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years

Rates: $145 to $155 each week; $70 to $75 each week (before- or after-school care)

Contact: Katie Tracey

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And It Works

Ages: 6 weeks-12 years; Christian Pre-K for 4- and 5-year-olds (September and October birthdays accepted)
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