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"Rape gang" at Lakeside Middle punished

Posted: February 21, 2012 - 1:01pm  |  Updated: February 23, 2012 - 10:33am

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A group of Lakeside Middle School students calling themselves The Charlie Rape Gang recently were punished for simulating sex acts with unwilling classmates.

A teacher overheard some pupils on Feb. 14 in class discussing something with the initials CRG and reported it to the office, said Principal Felicia Turner.

“We began calling kids in and asking some questions,” she said. “We found out five boys were playing a game called The Charlie Rape Gang.”

After meeting with the boys’ parents on Feb. 15, the pupils were suspended for the remainder of the week.

“The parents were very upset with their kids; every single one of them,” Turner said. “They were very apologetic for their kids and assured me it would never happen again.”

The acts, Turner said, consisted of the boys sneaking up on classmates and “dry humping” them.

Victims interviewed by school officials said they didn’t report the incidents to school officials because they told the boys to stop and they complied.

However, at least two parents reported inappropriate contact at the school to the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

The first incident report, dated Feb. 18, is from a parent whose son told her about the boys "knocking down both males and females and jumping on top of them and humping them."

A second report dated Tuesday, the same day Turner sent a letter home to parents explaining the situation, is from a parent claiming her son was attacked at the school by a 13-year-old classmate.

The teen "grabbed him (the victim) in a bear hug around his arms." He "then began to hump her son's leg." The boy told his mother that his attacker belonged to the Charlie Rape Gang.

Turner said the boys communicated their acts on Facebook and got the idea from someone saying the same kinds of gangs existed in South Carolina schools.

“To the best of our knowledge, this all started on (Feb. 10), and we found out about it (Feb. 14),” Turner said.

Prior to the filing of a second incident report, sheriff's Capt. Steve Morris said the incidents were investigated, but no charges filed.

Investigators now are looking into the second reported incident, he said.

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Craig Spinks


Sexual harrassment? Hostile school environment? As a CC taxpayer, a student advocate, and a friend of a parent of a female LMS student, my mind boggles.

Dr. Craig Spinks/ Georgians for Educational Excellence


As a parent of a lakeside

As a parent of a lakeside middle student i do not see this as a awareness letter to let parents know what was going on.It seems as a oh my kid did something wrong and got caught so let me apologize for my kids actions and let's as columbia county sweep it under the rug and hope it passes.i'm sorry but this seemed to be pre thought of and the kids knew what they were doing. We have drug awareness and bully awareness for the children........ To me this is a higher form of bullying but yes it's sexual unwanted advances..... attempted rape !!!! So many kids walk home what happens and do the kids know how to react if they get jumped after or before school? what happens if these kids who have done this enjoyed it and the fake isn't fun anymore..... your neighbor or your own kid gets actually raped!!! This is not a prank.It happened more than once.Also what about the elementary children at blue ridge who get off a hour later.They turn into easy targets.



These are middle school kids...10-11-12 year olds. They've been punished. Let's all get a life. Enough.


Are you kidding? Try reading

Are you kidding? Try reading some random Facebook posts of some 10-12 year olds. I think you might change your mind.
These kids knew exactly what they were doing and imagine the humiliation of the victims. These are kids who "planned" these horrible acts and have no business being exposed to innocent kids. It's not like they stole their lunch money or tripped them in the hallway.


Not Kidding One Bit

These are middle school kids. Now parents are filing charges with the Sheriff because of some fanning the flames. I'm not even sure a 10-11-12 year old can be charged?

Austin Rhodes

13 is minimum age of those involved...

...and a few are 14. Not that it matters. No one has to fan any flames, the facts speak for themselves. I have BOE employees who have had direct contact with the accused...they are on track to become a real problem.

Just My Opinion

Yeah, honestly...

...the couple of folks on here who said to basically get over it because it involves "middle school kids", you are out of the loop, my friends. I remember a few years back, I was speaking about sex with my then 6th-grade daughter and asked her if she had any questions. She asked me about oral sex! Yeah, my heart dropped and then tried to jump out of my throat! But she got around to asking why this other middle school girl would be doing that to these boys. Course I went into a discussion about that, but the point is that this stuff IS happening in middle school and these "children" are interested in it. Some are going down the wrong road toward something they have no business dealing with at such a young age. Best to nip it in the bud now!


Our Future Sex Offenders

Here we Go, 5 of our Future Sex Offenders get off the
hook with two days off from school to play video games.
First of all, i kinda wonder who are raising these kids,
second , the fact is that if a boy tries to dry hump my daughter
against her will, or a group, they would be better off moving
to another state...........!! Facts or FACTS, show me a dad
that will look the other way ??? These school officials,
i question where are your morals, first i would have these
thugs have professional counseling,DEFACS to inspect theirs
homes and parents,and have them pay for their victims
trauma,they may also be scarred from these attacks !!!!

These acts are criminals,nasty, and its not 1 child,a
gang is a gang, instill fear to others as a gang,i have
a zero tolerance for gangs in a Georgia School !!!!!!!!!!!


Whose ya Daddy

Sounds like a coverup to me - vip kids gone wrong and the victims are scapegoats - never read about it in the paper?????????


Barry Paschal

Enlighten us, please

Do you have evidence to support that, coachb?



no evidence - just sounds like it could be


Barry Paschal


That answeres my question.


Times have changed

If something like this would happen when I went to high school the person doing the act probally would have got a punch in the face and I bet he would never would have done it again.