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Police blotter

Posted: October 22, 2013 - 11:03pm  |  Updated: October 23, 2013 - 12:00am

The following accounts were taken from Columbia County Sheriff’s Office reports:


Man charged for false report

A Grovetown man was arrested Tuesday after he lied to authorities about a would-be home invasion on Friday.

Andrew Riley Prest, 27, of Bison Way, was charged with making a false report of a crime, making false statements and reckless conduct, said Columbia County sheriff’s Capt. Steve Morris.

Prest called deputies Friday evening stating he was watching television inside his Harris Ridge townhome just after 9:30 p.m. when he heard what sounded like gunshots and glass shattering on his back porch. Prest said he crawled behind a bookcase and heard what sounded like someone trying to get in through the back door of his home. He said he fired two 9 mm rounds at the back door.

A neighbor said she heard five or six gunshots come from the area of her neighbor’s home.

Morris said that Prest later admitted he heard something and shot his weapon.

“He fired two shots from inside to outside,” Morris said. “He realizes no one was trying to enter his home. He then fired three shots back into the home.”


Teen caught with illegal drugs

A Columbia County Alternative School student was caught with an illegal prescription drug at school on Thursday.

The 15-year-old was caught at the school on Gibbs Road with one generic form of the sleep aid Ambien, and two pills, used to treat epilepsy and neuropathic pain.

The student was charged with possession of a Schedule IV drug and was released to his parents.


Man attacked at hotel

A Martinez man said he was beaten at a hotel near Interstate 20 Thursday morning.

A security officer at the Augusta Inn and Suites on Park West Drive said he found the 46-year-old man in the hallway in front of a room at about 9:30 a.m. The man was semi-conscious and was bleeding from his nose, eye and jaw.

The security officer, who was cleaning the man’s wounds with a towel, said five men beat him and possibly robbed him. They left in an older blue Ford Ranger and a silver Mitsubishi Eclipse.

The man told the deputy he knew who beat him, but didn’t mention if any of his belongings were stolen. He was taken to the Georgia Regents Medical Center for treatment.


Friend woke upset

A Martinez woman said a friend she let nap on her sofa woke up angry, slapped her and threw a brick through a window. The 22-year-old woman said she let a friend nap on her sofa on Thursday. She woke up her friend when he asked her to about 11:30 a.m. The woman said her friend woke up irate and said she shouldn’t have let him sleep so late.

The woman said he then grabbed her, yelled at her and slapped her in the face. She pushed him out the door. As she walked out of the living room, she said she heard something break the glass of her front window. She found a brick on the living room floor. A witness in the home said he was in another room and heard the woman’s friend yelling. He walked into the living room and said he saw a brick come through the window.


Car covered in condiment

An Evans woman said someone squirted ketchup on her vehicle.

The 58-year-old woman said she left her car in the driveway Saturday evening. When she went to her car at about 9 a.m. to go to church, the woman said she found what appeared to be ketchup all over the back and right side of the car.

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