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Former Sonic will reopen in Martinez

Posted: July 26, 2013 - 8:27am  |  Updated: July 26, 2013 - 10:25am

A Sonic Drive-In-turned-barbecue restaurant in Martinez is changing back.

Sonic will reopen at 498 Furys Ferry Road in early August under new management. The chain drive-in restaurant closed Dec. 31.

The new franchisee, Mark Irvin, operates a dozen other Sonic s across the metro Augusta area, said his daughter and marketing coordinator, Jessica Irvin.

“The rest of the Sonics have been hugely successful here,” she said.

The Martinez restaurant is the only local Sonic to feature an indoor dining room that can accommodate 50 customers. The interior space has undergone a remodeling and is completely separate from the kitchen, Irvin said.

“We’re trying to revamp what we’re about at Sonic,” she said.

The Martinez Sonic was run by Rick McMurtrey for about five years. In January, McMurtrey opened a barbecue restaurant, called Roadhouse Rib Palace, in its spot. The Rib Palace closed after just a few months.

The Furys Ferry Road Sonic differed from other local Sonics in that it didn’t have the traditional drive-in setup. Instead, it just offered customers a sit-down dining area and drive-through window.

In an effort to bring back the traditional drive-in experience offered at other Sonics, it will have nine drive-in stalls on one side of the lot, Irvin said.

“A carhop will bring out the food even if you are eating indoors,” she said.

The new restaurant will employ from 20 to 25 people.

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Comments (8)

Just My Opinion

Sorry to see the barbeque

Sorry to see the barbeque place close, but I wasn't exactly surprised it did. Barbeque is one of those foods that people either like the type you serve, or they don't. I guess the majority of folks just didn't like it. I knew they were on their way out when I tried one of their baked potatoes with barbeque mixed in it, and their was very little meat in there!
As far as the Sonic is concerned, I actually liked the dining room area of this location. One reason is because I just don't like the idea of having to tip a kid to bring out the burger to me! I mean, I know it's their job, but tipping for a run-of-the-mill burger and fries?? However, I guess this new owner has taken that option away from me.


I agree JMO

It frosts my rump to tip in a drive through. I mentioned it to the manager at the window one time and he told me that at the stores that don't have a window, tips are not expected. I call BS,as the girls will stand around for a couple of seconds after bringing out your food. If tips are not expected, make it clear up front.


Clean it first!

Both Sonic and the BBQ place were dirty and the employees were on their phone or visiting their girlfriends at the ONLY clean table. Ladies room never clean. Service bad and often rude. I hope they are spending all of this time cleaning and new management will train new employees When they removed outside order option and forced us into the dirty interior they lost my family. I was not alone in my opinion.


Andrew Cowan

The new management hopefully

The new management hopefully would bring some new and positive changes to this place which would make it more acceptable to the people. However, those who love to eat out they should try The Regency Grill, it has some yummiest items and not just that but one can also find gluten free items here. This place could be found at

Paul Ricca

It is a great news for the

It is a great news for the local foodies, now they are going to get their favorite eatery back. However, since they are upgrading their facility, they should also consider making changes in the menu. They should also get some new hot food display cases which they can find at

Paul Ricca

All the foodies are going to

All the foodies are going to make a beeline for this place and here they would love to try out their favorite dishes. However, there are plenty of cool places where you can find both great food and entertainment like Chadwicks Pub in Medford.

Andrew Cowan

The restaurant is now going

The restaurant is now going to entertain the local foodies and hopefully it would do a good business too. If you too want to launch a restaurant, you should plan every details in advance and if you want to serve alcohol then you should also get pub license in California.


Maybe this is for the best!

Maybe this is for the best! The new location will offer a great opportunity to start over and thrive in this business. The owner should find out more about the security system installation Los Angeles and how he can make his business more profitable by installing such a system. Customers will be the first to notice the improvements.


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