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Man hit by car, seriously injured

Posted: July 3, 2013 - 9:13am  |  Updated: July 3, 2013 - 9:14am


A Texas man was seriously injured when he was hit by car while helping someone back up a tractor trailer late Tuesday.

Timothy Scott Thompson, 46, of San Antonio, Texas, is in serious condition, according to a Georgia Regents Medical Center spokeswoman. He was wearing dark clothes in the rain at about 10:15 p.m. while helping an American red Ball Transit driver back a tractor trailer from a private drive onto Park West Drive, just off Interstate 20, according to a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office accident report.

Larhonda Natoria Jackson, of Harlem, was driver her Chevrolet Impala west and swerved to avoid hitting the back end of the tractor trailer, which was partially in the roadway. Jackson said she didn’t see Thompson in the road and hit him.

Thompson was vaulted into the air and landed on the edge of the road. He was found at fault in the incident because he was wearing dark clothes in the rain preventing him from being seen, according to the report.

Jackson and the truck driver were not injured.

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Dark clothes - in the rain - at night?

My only surprise is that this doesn't happen more often in the CSRA. I can't count how many times people dressed like this dart across Belair Road for example, nowhere near a cross-walk. Sometimes I think people that cross like this have deer in their genetic history! This may not have been a "crossing" situation but still - dark clothes and the laws of physics can be a deadly combination.



Hopefully the man was ok in

Hopefully the man was ok in the end, even if he was to blame for the accident he deserves a chance to get back on his feet. Most auto accidents are not as clear as this one though, most of the times people need the help of the Maryland auto accident lawyers to sort things out after something like this.

Lamya Dalton

This is a tragedy, especially

This is a tragedy, especially because the man was trying to help another one and he got himself into trouble. Of course, the driver is guilty of this incident, maybe if the used synthetic motor oil from SC he could have avoided the accident with better brakes, who knows. Of course, there are some things that can't be avoided, but this incident is not of those situations.

Lamya Dalton

In this kind of situations,

In this kind of situations, he'd better hit the back end of the tractor trailer, than hitting another man and causing him serious injuries. Of course, with help from luxury car service in Birmingham, AL he could have repaired his car and the incident would have soon been forgotten. Now, he has to pay for what he did, we can only hope that the victim will survive without serious damage.

Lamya Dalton

It is true that he was

It is true that he was wearing dark clothes, but that doesn't mean he is guilty for this accident. The driver should have decided to hit the back end of the tractor trailer and he could have repaired his car with help from this auto service: http://www.holzhausersauto.com/services.html . We can only pray for the victim to recover, he needs all the help he can get.

Lamya Dalton

This is a tragedy, that's for

This is a tragedy, that's for sure. The man just wanted to give a hand to someone and he ended up being the victim in this car accident. With the car's problem, there are companies such as this one http://www.offleaseinspection.net/ that offer support. What's harder to recover is the health of the man that got hit by the car and now is seriously injured.

Lamya Dalton

Poor man, he was just good

Poor man, he was just good intended and wanted to give a helping hand to someone in need. Unfortunately, he ended up being a victim. The driver would've better decided to hit the tractor instead, this wouldn't have happened. If he knew the answers to FAQ's about auto dealer insurance he would've known what to do. After all, someone else's life is more important than a piece of iron.

Dora Davis

Terrific incident

Now a days, it happens a lot. I heard all these news every day. So, when driving please follow the essential driving rules to avoid accidents. I am really feel very bad for that person,god bless him and recover soon.