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Repairs in planning for washed out Martinez road

Posted: June 7, 2013 - 4:23pm

Overnight rains didn’t worsen a Martinez roadway flood water collapsed early Monday.

Columbia County officials closed a portion Lakestone Court, isolating residents of about 12 homes, Monday after flood water from heavy rains overwhelmed a spillway pipe under the road. The pipe carried water from a pond on one side of the road to a creek leading to other ponds on the other. The pipe collapsed causing the roadway to cave in.

“We got really lucky,” Columbia County Construction and Maintenance Division Director Matt Schlachter said. “The road pretty much stayed like it was.”

More than two inches of rain from fell on the area from Thursday into Friday, according to Emergency Services Division Director Pam Tucker. The recent storms also downed several trees around the county.

The road was closed Monday while crews temporarily fixed. The road was reopened Tuesday, when a camera was threaded into the pipe.

Schlachter said the pipe collapsed and was eroding earth from under the road. Officials closed the road again to vehicle traffic until it can be permanently repaired.

“We’re kicking around a lot of ideas,” Schlachter said.

The county owns and is responsible for repairing the road, Schlachter said. The ponds are privately owned.

Schlachter said the engineering firm involved in the original design of the road is on board to assist and a contractor is ready to assess the situation and make recommendations for repairs.

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“We got really lucky”

“We’re kicking around a lot of ideas”. Maybe we will look at the laws of Fluid Mechanics or not. But whatever we decide to do, just remember your Rain Tax dollars are at work. And for those who now pay the Rain Tax Deux, many thanks. Tax Revenue covers a multitude of sins.

It was a road design, property flooding and lawsuit that gave us the Rain Tax in the beginning.

We are so glad CC engineering is not is charge of the "big dam".


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