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Girl just says no to urine sample

Posted: May 23, 2013 - 11:46am

Columbia County investigators are looking for a man who came to a Martinez residence where he previously lived and tried to get a 5-year-old to give him a urine sample to provide in place of his own for a drug test.

The resident of the Marshall Street home said the man, who has been warned several times that he is no longer allowed on the property, came to the home while she was at work. He asked the woman’s 5-year-old daughter to urinate in a cup “so he doesn’t lose his job.”

The girl refused, and the man left.

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Simple solution to this problem:

Conduct urine samples like we do in the military. A human observer watches the stream of urine leave your body and enter the sample cup. Sample cup goes of to the lab. Any questions? Not that difficult really.




This article makes it sound the the 5-year-old was home alone at the time...which I hope is not the case.


Two things

1. I also hope she was NOT home alone!!
2. You can tell male and female urine apart, so DUH!

Mary Sanders

It's outrages that some

It's outrages that some people turn to solutions like this to avoid a crisis, instead of doing the responsible thing. Yes, obtaining the test result you expected isn't as easy as getting some leg braces from Norman, but trying to influence a 5 year old to do it for you is really over the top. Anyway, the courage and honesty of the little girl are truly something to be admired and it's a good thing that the situation didn't escalate in any way.

Mary Sanders

This is, indeed, a very

This is, indeed, a very unexpected turn of events, but what stays in mind is the determination of the little girl in not giving the man the urine sample. If only you could find the same amount of firmness in girls in need of unplanned pregnancy help. But it seems that it's something washes over in time and, unfortunately, more and more women choose to overcome such an event all on their own, which sometimes can be ten times harder than it would be with just a little help.