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Work begins on Walmart Neighborhood Market

Posted: May 15, 2013 - 10:12am

A nearly $2 million renovation project is underway to turn a vacant Evans storefront into a Walmart Neighborhood Market.

Earlier in May, Columbia County Development Services issued a building permit to Walmart for $1.9 million for renovations at the former Food Lion in the Village at Furys Ferry shopping center on the corner of Furys Ferry and Evans-to-Locks roads. That grocer, in addition to two other Food Lions in Columbia County, closed more than a year ago.

“They’re putting some money in that investment,” Columbia County Development Services Director Richard Harmon said. “It’s a fairly new concept for them and they want it to work.”

Neighborhood markets are smaller than a traditional Walmart Supercenter, which is about 182,000 square feet. The stores, averaging about 38,000 square feet, offer grocery items, household supplies, health and beauty products and a pharmacy.

Work on the store’s interior began last week, Harmon said. A fence has been erected in the shopping center’s parking lot, shielding the store from plain view.

Walmart spokesman Bill Wertz was unable Tuesday to provide a time frame for when the store might open, but Harmon said that plans indicate the project could take about 90 days.

“The problem is that they’re so different when we are using an existing structure,” Wertz said of estimating the store’s opening. “It’s not as predictable.”

The construction of a new neighborhood market typically takes less than year, he said.

On average, the stores employ about 95 people.

The bulk of construction will be confined to inside the 35,000-square-foot building.

“Most grocery stores have their coolers and refrigerants along walls,” Harmon said. “They’re putting a lot of their stuff in the center, so they’re having to cut the floor, put in more plumbing. It’s a lot of labor.”

This is Walmart’s first neighborhood market in the metro Augusta area.

“People will shop that store and they know that,” Harmon said.

A second neighborhood market store is planned on 15th Street and Walton Way in Augusta, though details for the project aren’t firm, Wertz said.

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Comments (20)


That's going to be very nice.

That's going to be very nice. Right on the corner close to my house. I used the Food Lion, but all those stores have such a poor selection. This is just what we need. Plus a new neighborhood is being built nearby to give it more customers.

Barry Paschal

New neighborhood?

New neighborhood? Are you talking about the Furys Ferry townhomes?


The new housing area on the

The new housing area on the corner of Blackstone Camp and Point Comfort is what I'm talking about. Of course across Fury's Ferry on Evans to Lock there are new houses going in, too. Are the townhomes on that vacant property On Fury's Ferry that was rezoned and you wrote about recently?

Barry Paschal

Ah - gotcha.

Wasn't thinking about the ones on Blackstone Camp. The construction on Evans-to-Locks is a personal care facility.


Having to use an existing

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Really nice but do you think

Really nice but do you think it actually compares to Walmart? That store chain is too strong to be taken down. They were even selling products similar to those from which are not that easy to find. Who knows, it might be great this new store.


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Rick Johnson

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Rick Johnson

It's great that they finally

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this is Walmart’s first neighborhood market in the metro Augusta area. that's cool though! :)

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