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Martinez townhome rezoning approved

Posted: May 2, 2013 - 7:26pm

Despite the objections of residential neighbors, Columbia County’s Planning Commission Thursday agreed to rezone a dormant Martinez office plaza for townhomes.

The 3.25 acre site on Furys Ferry Road at Old Ferry Road was developed in 2008 as an office park, laid out with parking lots, curbs and landscaping. No offices have been built on the site, and last year First Bank seized the land through foreclosure.

Commissioners unanimously agreed to allow Joe H. Todd, president of JHT Construction of Evans, to turn the site into 25 single-family brick townhomes, with minimum square footage of 1,400 square feet.

“The market has spoken pretty loudly that (offices) are not a good fit for this area,” Todd said. If county commissioners give final approval to the project, he said he expects construction to begin by the end of the summer.

About a dozen residents of the adjacent Oak Brook subdivision attended the meeting, and several spoke in opposition to the project – most asserting that the anticipated $120,000 per unit sale price of the townhomes would hurt the values of their homes, which they valued in the $160,000 range.

“I’m just using common sense,” said Oak Brook resident Scott Kirchhoff. “Common sense says if you put those behind these houses, with a $40,000 difference, it’s not going to make the value of our homes go up.”

Also Thursday, planning commissioners approved final plats for 25 lots in Magnolia Valley, off William Few Parkway, and 63 lots in Patriots Ridge Section 1, off Columbia Road. They also approved a preliminary plat for Bartram Trail Section 8, with 63 lots.

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Comments (4)


Having a partially-built,

Having a partially-built, deteriorating office park didn't do anything for their home values, either.

A condo that sells for $120,000 isn't a slum- it's better than a lot of other things that could go in there.

This puts it onto the tax rolls as developed land, the condos will be nice, it's a win-win situation for everyone.

Actually, I think it'll be better for the homeowners in Oak Brook, who wants to live next to an office park? Who would find that desirable?

I think the value of their homes will be just fine. The American economy has changed drastically, anybody that buys a home and automatically assumes that it will rise in price is not facing reality, and it's been like that for years. The price of homes has not kept up with inflation. This is what happens when you buy a home in an area that is not built out- you cannot predict what will go in there.


William Few Pkwy at Riverwood will be next.

Another planned area that has not "panned out", as in gold. This will be a great asset to the entrance of The Plantation. Five lanes of William Few Pkwy with Section 8 housing and strip malls in the swamp.

And then Washington Rd at General Wood which Kiokee Baptist seems to own?


“I’m just using common

“I’m just using common sense,” said Oak Brook resident Scott Kirchhoff. “Common sense says if you put those behind these houses, with a $40,000 difference, it’s not going to make the value of our homes go up.”

Living adjacent to an office park is even less desirable.


Just What We Need

Just what the area needs is MORE townhomes, more traffic, more overcrowded classrooms and strain on the school budget. While it is only 25 townhomes, the cycle is never ending and will continue in just another area as it has been. The builders like these cheaply built townhomes on a parcel so small that one person and throw an egg to their neighbor because it is profitable for them, but not necessarily profitable for the community in the long run. Will the county commissioners ever get it?

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