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Woman finds urine in kitchen cabinet

Posted: April 29, 2013 - 3:52pm

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An Evans woman called authorities Friday after finding urine in her kitchen cabinet.

The 32-year-old woman said she found a sealed container with urine inside the cabinet. The woman said she remembered washing the container, putting on the lid and putting it in the cabinet. When she opened the cabinet Friday evening, it contained a yellow liquid with a strong urine smell.

The woman said her windows and doors stay locked.

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Must a really slow news day in Columbia County...


When you wash a container

When you wash a container don't you usually put it up with the lid off?


"The woman said her windows

"The woman said her windows and doors stay locked"

Perhaps she needs to lock her cabinets. LOL, why or how is this news? Did they dust the jar for prints?


Maybe she doesn't have a

Maybe she doesn't have a trash can. Surely the thing one would do would be to throw it away and forget-about-it.


The real question is ...

Does she have a child currently serving a probated sentence?


Sorry, but if there is no

Sorry, but if there is no signs of intruders or burglars that entered and ruin things just like that, or any family member did it, I suspected that the woman might have Alzheimer, she is forgetful to everything she do. And if it is really did by other person, I guess they need to upgrade whatever home security they use. The window and door must be lock with unique door lock, When using door, try this Sliding By-Pass Door http://caldwells.com/sliding-closet-door-hardware, available in many furniture and door hardware, they are best for home security.