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Woman charged with making false rape claim against deputy

Posted: April 2, 2013 - 11:03am  |  Updated: April 2, 2013 - 2:43pm
Kelsey Alane Long, 23, of Evans, was charged with making a false report Tuesday after accusing a deputy of raping her during a weekend traffic stop.   Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Kelsey Alane Long, 23, of Evans, was charged with making a false report Tuesday after accusing a deputy of raping her during a weekend traffic stop.

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An Evans woman was charged Tuesday with falsely accusing a deputy of raping her during a weekend traffic stop.

Kelsey Alane Long, 23, of Evans, was charged with making a false report of a crime, possession of a Schedule III drug, possession of a controlled substance, obstruction and several traffic charges. She’s being held in the Columbia County Detention Center without bond, according to Columbia County sheriff’s Capt. Steve Morris.

Long told a deputy taking her complaint at the Georgia Regents Medical Center early Sunday that a deputy raped her in the front yard of a Martinez home at about 2:30 a.m. during a traffic stop. The deputy taking her complaint told Long that making a false report of a crime was a felony, but she wanted to file the report anyway, according to a sheriff’s office incident report.

Deputy Justin John James Hodges, 22, and another deputy responded to Miramar Drive at about 2:10 a.m. after someone complained that eggs were being thrown from a gray or light blue car at homes and other cars. The deputies said they stopped the gray BMW that Long was driving. During the stop, Hodges cited Long for driving on a suspended license, no insurance and suspended registration. Deputies also found various narcotics on her person and that of her male passenger.

As Long was being arrested, she broke free and ran. After a short chase, Hodges tackled Long in the front yard of a nearby home, according to the report. As Hodges and the other deputy tried to handcuff her, Long continued thrashing, pulling on their microphone cords and grabbing at their ammunition magazines, they said.

Long then asked to talk to a supervisor because, she said, Hodges raped her, according to the report. In a written statement, the other deputy said Long ran, Hodges tackled her and he didn’t see Hodges touch her inappropriately.

Long’s passenger, who watched from the nearby car, also told authorities that he didn’t see Long being raped. The passenger wasn’t charged.

The deputy taking Long’s complaint at the hospital, where a rape test was performed, determined that Hodges took no inappropriate action. The entire incident from when Long ran from deputies until she was handcuffed took only 30 to 45 seconds.

Morris said he expects at least six or eight weeks before the test results are available from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

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OK, remember this the next time we have to read a politically correct view that women must always be believed and that there is no such thing as a false rape charge (there are actually people out there, mostly affiliated with universities, who claim this). It DOES happen, folks.


Yes, it does happen, BUT

There was a witness, the time frame made it impossible, and the report from the ER validated what he and the witness reported. I'm guessing she had some of those drugs she was charged with possessing, in her blood.

Lamya Dalton

Making false claims against a

Making false claims against a deputy is a serious issue because it affects the general impression of community regarding police forces. She will definitely need help from an agency such as NYC process server that can definitely help with paper work and everything regarding all types of legal documents. Anyway, it's great that she got caught, nobody should ever consider making false rape claim against a deputy.

Lamya Dalton

These are serious

These are serious accusations, she shouldn't have think about making false rape claims against the deputy just because she got caught. She will definitely need a good lawyer such as DUI lawyer in Teaneck in order to protect her in court. The chances are small, especially because she is charged with to many crimes, that's why she will need a strong defense.


Despite the awkward

Despite the awkward situation, it's good that she was detained before causing an accident, given the fact that she probably used some of those drugs before the traffic stop. If she's detained without bond, her family should check out to see what can be done in this kind of situations. Considering the charges she's facing, only a good lawyer can improve things a little.


wow this is good

Well these are some of the main problems that might occur when women are given a lot of power more than the it should be. Unlike men they tend to miss use these power for perusal gains to make sure things do fall in place for them

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Obviously her claim is false,

Obviously her claim is false, it doesn't fit the time period when supposedly she was molested, so she must have been quite intoxicated. This kind of cases require an attorney like Louis J. Goodman, his expertise in this field would help on solving the case in a professional and effective manner.


I don't know why this women

I don't know why this women has done such false claim on the deputy. It's a sad thing and shame on her. I have gone through essay writing service for articles on this case. As it's going to turn in a most doubtful way.


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