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Grovetown High student pepper sprayed

Posted: March 28, 2013 - 12:56pm

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A school system safety officer pepper sprayed a Grovetown High School student after she fought with him Tuesday.

The school safety officer was asked to help with an unruly student in a classroom at about 2:30 p.m. The student told an assistant principal to stay away and walked out of the class. The assistant principal and officer told the student to go to the office, but she said she wanted to go home and went to her locker.

The student eventually went to the office and called her mother. As the student left, the officer caught up with her, asked her to return to the office and took her arm to guide her back.

The student snatched her arm away and became irate. The officer told the student repeatedly to calm down or he’d spray her with pepper spray. The student then swung at the officer and the two fought until he pepper sprayed her. The student was taken to the officer and treated for the pepper spray.

The officer’s uniform was damaged during the scuffle.

Because the juvenile detention center was full, the student was released to her parents and told when to report for her court date in Columbia County Juvenile Court.

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Just My Opinion

Good! I'm glad the pepper

Good! I'm glad the pepper spray worked on her and settled her tail down! She was in complete control of what happened...it was all up to her. She was warned. She ignored multiple warnings and directives by authority figures. She reacted in a hostile manner. She got sprayed. Really, she's lucky that's all that happened. The article doesn't say what led to this conclusion, but does it really matter? I have a couple of nieces in high school and know plenty of their friends...NONE of them would've allowed the situation to escalate like this.
One more question...are there any plans for these officers to carry a taser?? (Or is it "tazer")



Because the juvenile detention center was full?


Little angel..

If she's found guilty at court, she needs to be banned from all GA public schools. I am sick, sick, sick and tired of these little spoiled punk brats acting like this at school. This has gotten out of hand. I don't care if she was having a bad day. I don't care if she was stressed. This behavior is unacceptable and the lack of disrespect displayed to school officials should not be tolerated. Physically striking a school police officer is not acceptable. It's time these little darlings realize that their behavior has consequences, because apparently they are not learning this truth at home.



A new low in adolescent behavior/social breakdown/poor parenting. Next: The lawsuit against the school district.


I have a slightly different view

The officer should have never put his hands on her. At 17, she should be able to get up, walk out, tell the teacher to blank off, or whatever without being grabbed.

That said, she should suffer the consequences of walking out or verbally assaulting the teacher.

I know in my day, I was a little misguided and hot headed; and if a high school teacher tried to force me while I was running hot, I would have walked out and dared them to touch me. I would have been expelled, but so be it. That is what happens with ill tempered people; they get stupid when the BP gets up; I know, been there, done that, and payed for my stupidity.

Just My Opinion

itsanother, I do get what

itsanother, I do get what you're saying. However, this girl put herself in a situation where she needed to be removed from the area. People that do not follow the rules that are set and become a threat..and that's obviously a subjective decision made by someone who has that authority....have a possiblity of being physically removed. You have to have faith in the security officer to handle the situation the best way they deem necessary....and that way may not be the way you or I would've handled it, and it could be a way that he later would second guess. But you know what? However he handled it, the girl was responsible for that decision and she should "surrender" to an authority figure.



I was under the impression he was grabbing her to prevent her from voluntarily removing herself from the area. If she was headed anywhere but out the door then he has a right to physically restrain her, but not otherwise.