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Investigation into Greenbrier soccer trip continues

Posted: March 22, 2013 - 4:03pm  |  Updated: March 25, 2013 - 12:47pm


Eighteen Greenbrier High boys school soccer players suspended for drinking on a team trip aren’t out of the woods yet.

Columbia County Sheriff’s Office personnel are looking into how the students obtained alcohol.

“The school is handling the students and we will continue our investigation on who supplied the contraband items,” sheriff’s Maj. Rick Whitaker said Friday.

Superintendent Charles Nagle said at a press conference Thursday that 18 of the school’s 25 varsity boys soccer players either admitted to or were implicated in illegal drinking while on a school-sponsored trip.

The incident took place when the soccer teams traveled to Jekyll Island for a tournament March 14-16. The drinking supposedly took place mainly in hotel rooms during the tournament. Two of the players, Nagle said, admitted to smoking Spice, which is synthetic marijuana.

All 18 of the players were suspended for 10 days pending a school disciplinary hearing, which should be next week. Nagle said the system would allow any of them waiving a hearing to begin attending the alternative school on Monday.

“I know there are some parents that are talking to (Principal Chris Segraves), but I do not know if any of (the suspended players) have signed a waiver as of yet,” Nagle said.

The incident came to the attention of school administrators through posts on a Twitter account, and the school safety officer started looking into related social media posts.

Many of the suspended players continued to balk at the suspensions and voice their reactions on the social networking site.

One suspended player posted to Twitter Thursday: “all these ‘anonymous’ parents need to get a (f-word) life and stop commenting on the articles. Big deal we went to an island and had fun.”

He later posted, “This is so stupid. Blowing this whole thing out of proportion. I have zero respect for greenbrier administration anymore.”

The same student also posted that he doesn’t blame anyone else for the incident.

“Its not coach warren or coach balls fault were all held accountable for our decisions.”

Another student posted, “People act like the people who did wrong at jekyll are the worst people ever, i do believe ive seen all of yall drunk before.”

The suspensions put a damper on Class AAAAA’s No. 2-ranked Wolfpack (7-0-2), who are scheduled to play host to No. 1-ranked McIntosh (12-0), Saturday at 4 p.m.

Junior varsity players are expected to move up to fill vacancies in the varsity roster.

“We’re proud of the Greenbrier soccer program and we’re playing (against McIntosh on Saturday),” Athletic Director Garrett Black said. “These kids that put on the soccer uniform Saturday and Tuesday will put it on and wear it with pride.” “

The Wolfpack can still officially clinch first place in Region 2A-AAAAA with a win in one of its next two region games against Lakeside or Grovetown.

“People can say what they want to say, but Greenbrier High School is a great school,” Black said. “We have great kids. We have great coaches, great teachers, great administrators. There are so many positives that happened every single day in our high school. And I’m proud to be a part of Greenbrier High School.”

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The Wiseman

Soccer team

The drinking on a school trip is not good but most parents, administrators and sports writers should be very concerned about smoking spice. It has killed several kids just in Georgia alone. This is much different than the stuff we use to smoke. Synthetic means man made which will vary considerably from batch to batch and no one knows except the maker what it contains.

The Wiseman


I hope someone saved the

I hope someone saved the offensive, clearly irresponsible tweets for the Tribunal to see.....


What is amazing to me is that

What is amazing to me is that people think that a bunch of teenagers can go out of town, away from their parents, and stay in a hotel room, and nothing will happen, ever.

But this made me laugh-"I have zero respect for greenbrier administration anymore.”

Nobody is more immature than a teenage boy, nor is anyone more clueless.


Big deal we went to an island and had fun

Ok, kids, here's the straight truth. You can no longer "have fun" and expect to get no more than a weekend grounding from your parents. The laws are WAY different than in your parent's days. Now you can ruin your future by "having fun" if you get caught. That is why you must exercise some common sense. I highly suggest Greenbrier invites Judge Padgett to teach his Teen 101 class at the school to help deliver a much needed lesson to the student body while they are dealing with this. It is a VERY informative and eye opening class. All parents and teens should attend one so they will understand the serious consequences of their "fun" choices.


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