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New women's boutique opens in Evans

Posted: March 14, 2013 - 2:56pm

A new women’s fashion boutique opened last week in Evans.

Ivy Boutique and Gifts, 536 Grand Slam Drive, opened March 8 in an 1,800-square-foot space off Evans to Locks Road.

The only employees are the owners, Caroline Ginn and Marty Lyons, who have been friends for 10 years. Lyons previously owned Mish Mash Interiors with her sisters.

The store sells women’s clothing, jewelry, accessories and gifts from designers such as Susan Shaw and Judith March.

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These are definitely great

These are definitely great news and it's just a matter of time until this boutique will be as overcrowded as the best best hair salons in NYC. Unlike men, women have a specific taste for fine clothes and trendy hairstyles and now, thanks to this new store they are one step closer to always be fashionable!


It looks like women will have

It looks like women will have another cool fashion boutique to go shopping, but what are men supposed to do in the meantime? One of the best options would be to check out the offers on and see what products suits them best. It's a lot easier to shop when you have everything you need in one place!

Andrew Cowan

This new boutique is

This new boutique is definitely a grand addition to this place and hopefully it will be able to fulfill the shopping needs of the local women. However, if you do not have any great boutique or shopping mall nearby then you can do your shopping online. For instance, if you need vintage watch then you can buy that from

Andrew Cowan

This new boutique does have

This new boutique does have lots of appealing merchandise for the local women shoppers. However, now to buy exclusive items you should go online, is a great store which has a fascinating collection of mink coats.

Robert Harris

A new boutique means having

A new boutique means having access to more beautiful clothes and other related merchandise for the women. There are plenty of online boutiques available which offer exclusive items too at a great price. You can even buy branded items like Van Heusen shirts online as well.

Andrew Cowan

Plenty of new boutiques for

Plenty of new boutiques for women are opening everywhere and some of them offer really exclusive merchandise. But it would be better if you buy your jewelry from well known jewelry stores. These days most big jewelry stores could be found online, not just that but you can also find metal refining services provider like Jewelers Refining Group, Inc. online which you can approach at


The women in the area should

The women in the area should be excited about the new shopping choices the boutique will offer! If they ever have difficulty in finding the right jewelry for their outfit though, then is a great source for special jewelry pieces so they should always consider it!



I have always been jealous of women seeing the wide varieties of options that they have when it comes to selecting something. Whether it be a dress, a person that they want to be with or even something simple as a choice.

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Andrew Cowan

This boutique would certainly

This boutique would certainly draw the attention of the local shoppers. However, they should consider promoting their store by organizing a fun event and they should also organize live event screen printing, offers such service so they should try this company.

Robert Harris

They are bound to be popular

They are bound to be popular because they are offering exclusive items created by popular designers. If you do not have a good boutique in your locality, you do not have to worry because you can find plenty of online boutiques which offer really exclusive merchandise. Not just that but if you need items like masks or fringes then you can find these items online at


Women's are always fascinated

Women's are always fascinated towards shopping. Shopping includes many things right from clothing to accessories. When a boutique opens then it's good news to every one. I do cheap college essay writing service and looking for the best boutique.


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