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Two Lakeside students suspended over "disturbing" online comments

Posted: March 14, 2013 - 5:10pm  |  Updated: March 14, 2013 - 5:17pm


“Disturbing” social media posts brought authorities to Lakeside High School Thursday, when two students were suspended, but not charged.

Students alerted school officials after seeing comments posted on Twitter by two 17-year-old students, Columbia County Chief of School Safety Lance Poss said.

“It was some comments that they were making, stuff they like to do and see,” Poss said, adding the comments were “graphic.” “There were absolutely no direct threats made to the school or to any individual student or to anyone.”

School officials notified the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, whose deputies interviewed the teens. No one was charged, according to sheriff’s Capt. Steve Morris.

Deputies did find some graphic drawings in a backpack belonging to one of the teens.

“It was some kind of disturbing drawings that raised some eyebrows and raised some concerns,” Poss said. “There were no threats.”

Superintendent Charles Nagle said the teens were suspended pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing before the school system safety officer.

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Just My Opinion

I have a question for the

I have a question for the paper....why do y'all have the original article of this in the main Augusta Chronicle section, the one that everyone puts in their comments, and then when a day or so go by, you pull the article (or move it off the front page) and make us hunt for it? We have to hunt for it if we want to see any new comments. In the meantime, you put a copy under Columbia News Times, but there are none of the old comments with it? Now, this article will probably stay on this front page for about a week.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that the comments off of one article should follow it when you switch it to another site like this. It's very aggravating when you do this.

Barry Paschal

Interesting comments

Thanks for your input. When we send a story to The Chronicle, it's actually a News-Times story that posts to our site at the same time. Their content cycles through more frequently because we post only the content from our writers, whereas Chronicle content is from throughout the area. There are only so many stories that fit in the "latest news" queue, so it stands to reason that when new stories come in, they eventually push older ones out. Think of it like commenting on an AP story: that same story might appear in the city paper where it originates, and also in the New York Times. We can't control where readers see it or comment on it - we're just glad they do.


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Rick Johnson

Actually, there's no surprise

Actually, there's no surprise here, they deserved to be suspended. In matters of network control, every company should invest so much more: Network-Control.com . Anyway, hopefully, the social media posts didn't affect too many students and they were stopped just in time.

Mary Sanders

Instead of going to school

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Mary Sanders

Everyone is blaming them for

Everyone is blaming them for these disturbing comments, but nobody is taking a minute to think about their reasons. Maybe they had financial problems and didn't know they have the possiblity to check it out here http://cornerstone-credit.com and find out more details about student loan. Anyway, we must wait for the final decision from committee of discipline.

Mary Sanders

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