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Martinez crash sends one to hospital

Posted: March 7, 2013 - 11:44am  |  Updated: March 7, 2013 - 10:31pm
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 The driver if a car that collided with an 18-wheeler on Washington Road in front of West Town shopping center has to be extricated from his vehicle before being transported to the hospital.  Photo by Jim Blaylock
Photo by Jim Blaylock
The driver if a car that collided with an 18-wheeler on Washington Road in front of West Town shopping center has to be extricated from his vehicle before being transported to the hospital.

One person was sent to the hospital from a violent collision Thursday morning in Martinez.

A 1999 Toyota Corolla driven by Jerry Renew of Appling crossed the center turn lane and sideswiped an oncoming truck about 11:30 a.m. on Washington Road near Davis Road.

"He (Renew) stated that he blacked out traveling westbound and that caused him to veer into the eastbound lane," said  Columbia County sheriff's Deputy Keith Warner.

Renew briefly was trapped in the vehicle, and later freed by Columbia County Fire Rescue and Gold Cross EMS workers and transported to Georgia Health Sciences Medical Center. The truck’s driver, Micah Thomson from Opelika, Ala. was not injured.

Warner said that Renew was found at fault, but no citation would be issued.

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Comments (16)

Little Lamb

Pleasant Home

It's difficult to recognize every sign in the photo, but it's hard to miss golden arches. Is that red sign on the left the Gold Shop? If so, shouldn't the story say "near Davis Rd." instead of "near Pleasant Home Rd."?

Little Lamb

Suicide Lane

Also, which line is the "center line" when there's a center turn lane (aka "suicide" lane) in the road?

Barry Paschal


Corrections made - thanks.


The car looks really damaged,

The car looks really damaged, hopefully the person who was injured during the accident will be ok. Also, maybe the car can be fixed, even if it looks bad. There are auto repair shops that can do wonders, like this auto repair Aberdeen, MD. A reliable car like Toyota Corolla deserves the effort of trying to get it fixed.

Rick Johnson

A car accident is an

A car accident is an unexpected event, especially if the fault isn't yours and the other driver doesn't pay attention on the road. From the picture, the car looks pretty messed up, he will definitely have to repair it. For more information, you can check it out here . Or, if the other driver is found guilty, he should be the one to pay for the repair costs.

Rick Johnson

The picture speaks for

The picture speaks for itself, this was a tragic car accident. The victim will definitely need an accident attorney to protect his legal rights: . The first step is to repair the damages and the other driver should take care of this.


That is a horrible accident!

That is a horrible accident! The car is completely crashed. These accidents really complicate the traffic but fortunately there are companies that can move anything from one place to another or to store them just like and the traffic is quickly lightened.


Hopefully the person that

Hopefully the person that ended up in the hospital is not too seriously injured. Because while you can still have your car repaired with the help of a supplier for auto body parts, the thought of having someone seriously hurt can be really hard to bear. That's why paying attention when driving is so important and nobody should disregard this advice.


they need special attention!

First of all, this is an awful news! Secondly, the victim should have had a health care insurance. In this situation, all the medical costs would have been paid from the insurance. In the future, he should make an individual health care insurance from

Mary Sanders

This is a tragedy,

This is a tragedy, fortunately no lives were lost in the accident. The car owner definitely turned to tow truck in Alexandria VA that helped him with his disabled car. Unfortunately, this kind of tragic events happen more often than usual and this is another proof to this statement.



Unfortunately this type of collisions happen very often and a lot of people are hurt and cars are severely damaged.If you had such a collision and your car was very damaged, you should think in buying a new one or even a used car. There are some great used car dealerships such as where you may find quality cars.



There are many accidents that occur every day and many cars are damaged. If a car was seriously damaged in an accident then you shouldn't invest so much money on its repairs. It is recommended to visit a showroom where you may find people who have quality automotive sales training and will help you to choose a new car.



This collision was terrible! Both cars were seriously damaged and there were also victims. The guilty one has to pay because of breaking rules when driving reckless. There should be a trial and an expert witness testimony will be needed in order to make the guilty one pay for what he did.



This post on the Martinez crash is really sad. I would like to know more on the cause of this crash. This website is doing an awesome job as it shares the latest news that is happening around us. Keep up the good show Meaningful Use Stage 2

Amy Gilbert


that's so awful why people are not following traffic rules and that's the only cause there are so many accident news all the time. it's the responsibility of the car driver to take precautions while on road and also to keep the vehicle in a reasonable condition by nibbling a proper service station for the vehicle.



It is very sad that the crash at Martinez resulted in the injury of a person. I hope that the person has now recovered from the injuries. May God help him help him cure fast. Thank you for sharing catalina island hotels


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