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Man sentenced to prison for teen's traffic death

Posted: March 7, 2013 - 10:56am  |  Updated: March 7, 2013 - 11:02am
Lucky Wade Jackson, 43, of Evans, is taken into custody after being sentenced to prison in the Sept. 12 traffic death of 19-year-old Jordan Elizabeth White.   Photo By Jim Blaylock
Photo By Jim Blaylock
Lucky Wade Jackson, 43, of Evans, is taken into custody after being sentenced to prison in the Sept. 12 traffic death of 19-year-old Jordan Elizabeth White.

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The man charged in the Sept. 12 traffic death of 19-year-old Jordan Elizabeth White was sentenced to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty in the case Thursday in Columbia County Superior Court.

Lucky Wade Jackson, 43, of Evans, pled guilty to first degree vehicular homicide and running a red light. Following the recommendation of prosecutors, Superior Court Judge Carl C. Brown Jr. sentenced Jackson to 12 years in prison, followed by four years of probation, along with alcohol treatment and restitution. Brown also ordered Jackson to serve 500 hours of community service speaking publicly about the consequences of substance abuse and intoxicated driving.

Jackson stood hanging his head as White’s family and friends described White and their loss in her death.

“There’s not enough words I can come up with that tell you how sorry I am,” Jackson said to White’s family. “If there is anything I could do to change it or to take Jordan’s place, I would.”

Jackson, of Buxton Lane in Evans, was intoxicated when his truck hit and killed White, of Martinez, on Sept. 12. His blood-alcohol concentration was .281, according to tests performed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

“Today, there are no winners, just huge loss,” White’s mother, Jackie, said adding that her daughter was a “beautiful soul” with a passion for helping others.

Jackson was driving his Ford F-250 pickup west on Washington Road shortly before midnight when he ran the red light at Ronald Reagan Drive and slammed into the driver’s side of the 2001 Honda Accord driven by White, who was turning left to head east on Washington Road, according to a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office accident report.

White’s vehicle, with two other passengers, slid onto the lawn in front of Regions Bank on the corner, while Jackson’s pickup traveled across oncoming lanes and hit an eastbound tractor-trailer waiting at the red light, according to the report.

White was airlifted to the Medical College of Georgia Hospital, where she later died. Her two passengers were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

“I just hope that everyone here can keep the positive in mind,” White’s father, Joe, said. “Do something kind for someone else in her honor.”

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His real first name is "Lucky"?
Well, not today.


Why would one person who caused the death of his passenger

in a DUI situation get twenty years in CC? Lower intoxication level. Does the judge roll a pair of dice or something? Equal justice under the law. Stay away from the courthouse.

Unless you are both lucky and connected.

Will we be seeing a wrongful death suit? Ms. White does not have a choice to live. Mr. Lucky took that choice from Ms White. She cannot speak for herself. I'm sure she would say, yes, you can do something. Do not take my life because of your personal convenience.


Why didn't we see Mr. Lucky truck photos?

Prejudicial? Perhaps? How fast was he going when he hit Ms White? Initially thought it was because it was the Georgia Power pickup that stayed in his driveway most of the day.

Barry Paschal

Prejudicial from who, soapy?

Prejudicial from who, soapy? We didn't have any photos from that crash scene, because it occurred in the middle of the night when none of our staff was working. We caught up with information the next morning, long after the scene was cleared.

Sweet son

Ms. White's Father said it all!

“I just hope that everyone here can keep the positive in mind,” White’s father, Joe, said. “Do something kind for someone else in her honor.”

In the face of this tragedy he has proven what he is truly made of!!


The CCSO did not take photos?

Digital cameras enhance lighting both on auto and manual modes. A photo of the Lucky truck would have indicators of the speed and impact damage.

Mr. White is right to forgive. To grieve and get on with his life. We wish them peace.

Justice vs. a deadly public obsession with alcohol is a different matter. The White family as well as all of society needs to be protected from this menace of the road.


Did not say YOU were predjudicial Barry...

but a bit dog always hollers. But you know that already. People tend to defend that which they hold dear. Say, God given right to life.

Justice/truth in the eye of the beholder and not the written laws is dangerous. We will all just move on after another unnecessary tragic death of one of our children. Society will continue to excuse those who need an "alcoholic drug in excess" to FUNCTION in life. Not only to function, but to have FUN.

Alcohol is the number one choice of depression medications for males. It is accepted and even praised. Go down to the local watering hole and get a few drinks and all of your troubles will disappear. "I'm on medication for depression and seeing a shrink don't work in the man's world". Getting help is weakness, alcohol consumption is fun, macho.

You would think we were grieving for Mr. Lucky. Again, Ms White is not here to tell us what she views as justice or fairness in the tragedy.

Barry Paschal

I have no idea what you're talking about, soapy

I have no idea what you're talking about, soapy. I'm sure the sheriff's office has plenty of photos from the crash scene. We only publish such photos on the occasion that we take them. Is there some point you're trying to make? It certainly isn't clear to me.

Sweet son

Enjoying the Barry-Soapy banter!

But it seems to be going nowhere!


If he blew a .281- well, at

If he blew a .281- well, at around .30, loss of consciousness occurs. And that is someone who is seriously drunk. The question wasn't if he would kill someone, it was "who would it be". In Columbia County, you murder someone with a truck, their life is only worth 12 years. That is criminal right there. And what usually happens, the drunks survive, the innocent victim dies. That poor girl was 19, with her whole life ahead of her, and she was murdered just as surely as if that man had shot her with a gun.

But I don't see anything positive in this. Just another sorry lame drunk who killed an innocent person and then says "Oh, I'm so sorry". They are all sorry AFTER the tragedy happens.