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Construction begins on Evans Kia dealership

Posted: January 29, 2013 - 2:17pm

A new Kia dealership under construction in Evans will operate separately from its Gordon Highway brand counterpart.

Dublin Construction, based in Dublin, Ga., started site work last week on the project spanning three acres at 4580 Washington Road at Gibbs Road.

The 23,000-square-foot facility is expected to be complete in a year, said Lyle Stursma, regional sales manager for Kia Motors America’s southern region.

The full-scale dealership will sell new and used cars and will include a service and parts departments. The store’s exterior facade will be designed in brick, aluminum composite panels and storefront glass, Stursma said.

The combined land acquisition and building project is expected to total more than $3 million, Stursma said, and about 33 employees are expected to be hired when the dealership opens.

Traffic and shopping patterns, available property with the proper zoning and land cost all made the corner of Washington and Gibbs roads a desirable spot, he said.

Sales of Kia products in the Augusta area justified adding a second location, he added.

The two dealerships are about 12 miles apart.

Columbia also has two competing Kia dealerships. There are more than half a dozen Kia locations in the Atlanta suburbs and just one Kia store in Savannah.

In the Augusta market, the move is unprecedented by an auto company other than Ford or Chevrolet, said Wayne Cooper, general sales manager of Kia of Augusta at 1770 Gordon Highway.

Most auto companies don’t generate the business to warrant locating competing stores within the same area, said Cooper, who has 40 years experience in the auto industry in Augusta.

While local car dealers like Nissan and Toyota have dual stores, both are separated by the Savannah River and in different states.

Though the Augusta Kia staff initially fought the move “tooth and nail,” Cooper said, he now doesn’t believe the new Evans location will affect his business.

Customers living in the Evans area and in the market for a vehicle either don’t often purchase the Kia product or don’t shop on Gordon Highway, he said.

Auto dealerships on Washington Road likely would feel the competition more than the Augusta Kia store, Cooper said.

“In the long run, I don’t think it’ll hurt us,” he said.

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Can't wait for the increased traffic !!!

Can't wait for the continued "Gordon Highway Look" complete with trash from Wally World to Gen. Riverwood's Plantation. What happened to the "Master's Plan" for Evans (towne) complete with auto free zones and shoppees?

Greed has trumped all for the asphalt and concrete sellers. Greed has trumped all for the realtors and strip mall developers.
Greed is creating another ARC in CC.


Didn't Bill Jackson own that land?

A tile center "future" sign disintegrated at that corner.


Actually, There Will Be Improvements

The County is buying right-of-way on Washington Road for widening and there will be walk path and bike path, as part of the construction. I guess we'll have to wait and see.


Dublin Construction Company

I wonder how the new Kia dealer will feel if the residents of Evans travel to Dublin to buy a new car. They want you to buy locally, but will not support the numerous competent local contractors? I will pass by this dealership because of the contractor!


It was Bill Jackson's land.

BC Real Estate LLC, Chattanooga TN, is the new owner to the tune of $940K on 5/31/12. 4.5 acres. The price CC pays for the right of way may help to fill in the listed loss of value?

Yes, we will see. Now there will be three CC schools feeding off of a single land road onto Washington at this intersection. More of the same CC infrastructure planning.

The next car lot could be built at Washington and Blanchard Rd's. Or a gas station? Circle K, Boardman Oil and Kayo Oil have all owned this parcel. What politician owns the current Capital Investments, LLC?


We weren't ready for Jag's....

but the time is right for the Kia's.