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Thrown drink sends man to jail

Posted: January 10, 2013 - 11:17am  |  Updated: January 11, 2013 - 10:00am
Tyler William Davitte, 24, of Martinez, was charged with reckless conduct after throwing a drink from a moving vehicle Tuesday, Jan. 13.  Special
Tyler William Davitte, 24, of Martinez, was charged with reckless conduct after throwing a drink from a moving vehicle Tuesday, Jan. 13.


A Martinez man was arrested Tuesday after hitting a vehicle with a “Thirstbuster” drink and then getting chased down by the other car’s occupants.

Tyler William Davitte, 24, Cutter Mill Road, was charged with reckless conduct and booked into the Columbia County Law Enforcement Center. He later was released after posting $1,600 bond, according to jail personnel.

The incident began when a woman said her son was driving her and several family members in her Nissan Murano on Oakley Pirkle Road at about 8:40 p.m. Tuesday, according to a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

As a red Jeep Patriot approached in the opposite direction, the woman said she saw a passenger, later identified as Davitte, stand and lean out of the Jeep’s sunroof. The woman said she saw the man throw something at her vehicle that struck the left side by an open window, according to the report. An orange liquid sprayed onto a backseat passenger and covered the back seat. The impact, the woman said, was so loud that she thought someone shot at them.

The woman told her son to follow the Jeep while she called 911 and kept dispatchers updated on their location. Deputies caught up with the Jeep on Hereford Farm Road near Gibbs Road and the driver of the Jeep made a sharp left onto Rachel Drive without a turn signal.

The driver of the Jeep said he was driving erratically because someone was following him. When asked if anything was thrown from the vehicle, the driver said he might have dropped a soda cup out of the window. Davitte was in the front passenger seat and a third man was in the back seat.

The deputy saw scratches on the Nissan’s paint and an orange liquid all over the backseat and the backseat passenger’s coat. He also found liquid trailing from the Jeep’s sunroof and a smeared handprint on the roof, according to the report.

Davitte matched the woman’s description of the person who threw the cup at her vehicle. After deputies separated the men, the driver and backseat passenger told the deputy that Davitte threw a Styrofoam cup of soda out of the sunroof.

Davitte initially denied it and repeatedly said he didn’t want to get in trouble before admitted that he’d thrown a “Thirstbuster” cup from the vehicle, according to the report.

Davitte is one of three men who pled guilty to false imprisonment in November 2011 in connection to the 2010 sexual assault of an 18-year-old girl at a Martinez party. A fourth men pled guilty to unlawful surveillance for video-taping the incident. Davitte was sentenced to a year in jail and four years on probation.


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Stupid -- What More Needs to be Said ?

Stupid ?? Yeah, stupid.


Ya know, you can understand

Ya know, you can understand (but not condone) stupid pranks like this out of teenagers, but this dude is 24 years old...

Little Lamb

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The helicoptering that parents do today leaves people children well into their twenties (some may never achieve mental adulthood).

Just look at Obamacare. That law recognizes that children are maturing mentally so much slower than they did in the past that it has declared the age of adulthood with respect to being responsible for your own health insurance as twenty-six.


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