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Florida man dies after motorcycle wreck, Martinez man charged

Posted: November 26, 2012 - 3:53pm  |  Updated: November 26, 2012 - 8:43pm

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A Martinez man was charged with second degree vehicular homicide Sunday, Nov. 25, after being involved in a fatal motorcycle wreck on South Old Belair Road the week before.

Thomas Michael Brown, 78, of the 200 block of Shawnee Court, also was charged with failure to yield while turning left, according to Columbia County Sheriff’s Capt. Steve Morris.

Brown was driving a 2001 Dodge Dakota at about 6:15 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 20, when he collided with a 2006 Harley Davidson Electra Glide on South Belair Road near Wheeler Road, according to an accident report provided by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

David Daniel Sheffield, 55, of the 2400 block of Tulane Drive in Cocoa, Fla., was taken to the Medical College of Georgia Hospital where he died at about 9:15 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 24.

Details surrounding the wreck were unavailable as of Monday, Nov. 26, said Morris, citing an incomplete accident report.

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Senseless loss

Shef was a good man, a retired military combat veteran, an all around good guy, and this is a huge loss to the biker community. People, PLEASE pay attention to the motorcyclists on the road!


PLEASE pay attention...

RK, et al,
As I've said many times before, motorcycles are not clearly visible to other vehicles on the road. They are not as wide, not lit up like a 4 wheeler in the dark and just aren't as visible. This is truly an unfortunate accident but when the biker got on his cycle and headed out into the dark night anything could have happened.... and it did.


Are you serious on your comment

Mac? A Harley Electra Glide usually has 3 lights on the front a head light and 2 driving lights. The Gilde will stand out at night. Sure you take a chance when getting on a motorcycle at night as well as walking at night. But it is the driver of a car to be responsible for his or her actions while driving. I need to stop writing before I get banned by the AC.



Needless to say that I along with many others in the "biker community" think that "Mac" is out of his mind. His comments, "not clearly visable" "not lit up", well I guess you're right Mac, a driver of a vehicle with that cell phone stuck in his or her ear, a motorcycle would not be visable. All we bikers ask is for people to pay attention, we have the right to the road just as you in your vehicle do!!

cali catholic

Car drivers do not own the road.

I know Mac is trying to give a helpful warning, but I find it very disturbing. NO i do not drive motorcycles and I view them as being dangerous. Why because of the us the snobby car drivers. We act like the roads were ment only for cars and thus everyone else's vehicles are unsafe if they get crushed when we don't pay proper attention.

Us car owners have our priorities mixed up. It is a luxury to own a car, if all humans around the world followed our example we would quickly realize car ownership is not the best way to go. In many lands around the world motorcycles are used by the majority and there are not the safety issues because they don't have to contend with us obnoxious car drivers who think we own the road. But that is changing as the new car owners adopt our bad habits.

When gas prices continue to rise we all might find ourselves on bikes.


It's a two way street

Not trying to be funny with that opener but I have to give Mac a little break here. Clearly, in this incident, the driver of the car was at fault...thus the reason he was charged. However, there are too many motorcyclists out there who do not dress appropriately and drive recklessly. I see more riders who are dressed all in black and riding on a dark bike than I would care too. I only see them half the time because I am alert. These times usually occur in broad daylight and are bothersome to me because I don't care to kill someone, even someone who doesn't care enough to take precautions themselves. I fear encountering motorcyclists on I-20 and Columbia Road because they almost always drive recklessly and cut in between cars in a much too narrow gap. Hence, my headline..safety is a two-way street.


Completely agree with you

Completely agree with you Belle.


Proceed with Caution

It does go both ways. I am a cautious driver but I have encountered motorcyclist that are rude, disrespectful and as careless as any other vehicle driver. I have had motorcyclist cut me off and watched them weave in and out of traffic and pass between other vehicles so you can't say in all honesty with a clear conscience that people who choose to drive cars or trucks are obnoxious drivers. We all need to proceed with caution and be aware of our surroundings at all times to avoid a senseless tragedy. We can't assume that all other drivers are watching out for us because its obvious that most are not. We have to be proactive and pay attention to all drivers at all times no matter what you choose to use as transportation.


To the last 3 postings

Belle and Newgray93, you have two types of bikes. Rice rocket AKA as crotch rocket. Those are the ones you see zig zaging in traffic. Granted not all rice rockets do that. Then you have the cruiser model's. Harleys, Honda's etc. The riders of these bikes do not zig zag do wheelies ect because they are heavier then a sport bike (rice rocket). So do not confuse the two please. The whole point is drivers of cars need to pay attn and look for motorcyles. If you only knew the details of what his injuries were.Can you imagine getting hit head on in car feels like. Picture it on a motorcycle folks.


left turns have right of way?

Yes, if you observe the new rules of the road. And if you keep up with local accident reports. More and more drivers view themselves as the only ones with the "right of way" in any situation. You cannot make it out of your neighborhood before someone turns in from of you illegally. Not to mention at red lights. This coupled with the asinine "four yield signs" at red lights and all way stops. Who yields to who? Me Me Me
Failing to yield right of way is a legal terms. Failing to avoid an accident is also a legal term. You cannot initiate an collission because someone else in in your path and you have an opportunity to avoid said collision. If we could all run over that a_____ who turned illegally in front of us, just think what would happen to the roadways.


This is not about me. A man has lost his life....

Please concentrate on the one who is no longer here.

I apologize for voicing an opinion that takes the attention away from David Daniel Sheffield.

For the sake of his family and friends keep the spotlight on Shef. Mourning is a process. Mourn the loss of him and Celebrate his life and all the energy he put into doing for others and doing what made him happy.

That's where the emphasis should be.