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Lee Anderson campaigns with Joe Wilson; addresses press

Posted: October 30, 2012 - 3:00pm  |  Updated: October 30, 2012 - 3:05pm

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With one week to go before the election, 12th District Congreesional candidate Lee Anderson spent Tuesday making campaign stops with veteran South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson. His message – no cuts to the defense budget.

Speaking at a press conference at his campaign headquarters following a visit to the Columbia County American Legion, Anderson said that any cuts he approved in Congress would not include the defense budget.

“The main thing we can do is get Mitt Romney in the White House,” Anderson said. “Then, with Joe Wilson’s leadership, we can make sure that our defence is the strongest Defense Department ever. We are totally opposite to what Obama and John Barrow want to do. We want to make the Defense Department stronger.”

When pressed on his opponent Congressman John Barrow’s stand against the looming economic sequestration and the effect it would have on defense spending, Anderson responded that to support the President was, in fact, supporting sequestration.

“He’s right,” Wilson said, “He (Barrow) supports Obama, the leader in the White House, the man who wants to cut our defense department. That’s the difference right there.”

Anderson also used the press conference to respond to ads Barrow has run questioning his stand on Medicare and Social Security. He believes the accusations are unfair and, more pointedly, untrue.

“I want people to know clearly that the ads that John Barrow is running on me are lies,” he said. “I will not cut Medicare or Social Security to our senior citizens. I’m here because to make sure that the American people create jobs, not the government. We must get back to the basics.”

When asked what message he had for voters in population centers generally and, more specifically, voters in Columbia and Richmond County, Anderson touted his qualifications as a native son.

“I believe in the family home,” he said. “I believe the family home is the bedrock of our country and I believe in running from the family home. The people here know Lee Anderson. They know that they can count on Lee Anderson and that Lee Anderson is accessible.”

He said he believed that in the end, his reputation would precede him and that people would be drawn to not only Lee Anderson the candidate, but Lee Anderson the man and neighbor.

“The people here, the people in Richmond and Columbia County, they know that I’m a servant and not a politician. I’m here to serve and make sure we get back to the basics.”

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"His message – no cuts to the defense budget."??????????

US Revenue 2011:
Total=$2.3 trillion
Income Taxes=$1.3 trillion
Social Insurance Taxes=$0.8 trillion
Ad-valorem Taxes=$0.1 trillion
Business and other revenue=$0.1 trillion

Real Defense Spending in the US (includes Defense Budget, Veterans' Affairs, Iraq & Afghanistan spending, Military spending in DoE, Homeland Security, etc.)
Total=Approximately $1.2 - $1.3 trillion

Remove Social Insurance taxes from the budget since they should be earmarked for SS/Medicare/etc/
Total Remaining US revenue=$1.5 trillion

Subtract Defense Spending from remaining Revenue =$200 billion-$300 billion is left to operate the entire rest of the US Government

With "no cuts to the defense budget", "We want to make the Defense Department stronger”, and since Anderson and Wilson have sworn allegiance to Grover Norquist above the rest of American citizens, they must plan to taking the remaining $200-$300 billion of revenue and add it to defense. That will leave zero to operate the federal government. That's been Norquist's plan all along.


I'm with Joe......

whatever he says, that what I said. Forecast of the future for Mr. Farmer. Joes' my "political beard".



The man has been in hiding for 4 months.


Was it really necessary...

for Steven Uhles to write another article on what was covered in an earlier article? Weird. It's a shame to see a talented writer assigned to such idiocy.