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Man intoxicated at football game

Posted: October 29, 2012 - 4:35pm

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A Hephzibah man was arrested Friday night for being intoxicated at a high school football game.

Aaron Gonzalo Gonzalez, 34, of Bassford Drive, was charged with public drunkeness. He was released from the Columbia County Detention Center early Saturday after posting a $500 bond, according to jailers.

A Grovetown High School assistant principal told authorities that Gonzalez smelled of alcohol at the high school stadium and he saw him holding a bottle. When the assistant principal asked to smell the bottle, Gonzalez walked away toward the bathroom.

The assistant principal alerted a deputy, who found Gonzalez in the restroom pouring the contents of the bottle into a toilet. The bottle contained alcohol and the deputy said Gonzalez appeared to be extremely intoxicated.

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Assistant Principle

That assistant principle would have to wear a clothes pin on his nose at the GA-FL game if alcohol on people's breath bothers him.


BIG difference between HS and College football games...

Sorry, but some 34 year old man does not need to be at a HIGH SCHOOL football game drunk w/ very young kids around, i.e. freshman, families, etc...
Everyone knows the GA/FL game is the biggest cocktail party in the world...no comparison.


Smelled of alcohol?

Hmmm. Best not go out for beer and pizza before the game; some bloodhound donnie do gooder might sniff you out!

Seriously, I imagine this dude WAS drunk and showed it, getting the attention of the AP before he smelled anything.

Sweet son

Smelled of Alcohol! Joke!

I guess the AP's job at the football game was to smell everyone's breath. Hope he got a nose full!!!


I saw a U.S. Representative

I saw a U.S. Representative and a sports start drinking out of a bottle at a high school football game in SC many decades ago. But this guy must have been pretty drunk and out of line. I can't imagine adults being busted at games because someone smelled alcohol on them.