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Evans woman again charged with DUI

Posted: October 9, 2012 - 10:42am  |  Updated: October 9, 2012 - 10:43am
Jenna Victoria Sevigny, 22, of Evans, has been charged with driving under the influence just eight months after surviving a violent, alcohol-related crash.  Special
Jenna Victoria Sevigny, 22, of Evans, has been charged with driving under the influence just eight months after surviving a violent, alcohol-related crash.


A 22-year-old Evans woman injured in a violent alcohol-related crash in February has again been charged with driving under the influence.

Jenna Victoria Sevigny was arrested early Oct. 3 and charged with DUI and failing to dim her headlights, according to a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

Just before 4 a.m. Oct. 3,, Deputy J.A. Brogdanow pulled Sevigny over on Evans-to-Locks Road near Blue Ridge Drive when she failed to dim her headlights, said Capt. Steve Morris.

Brogdanow suspected Sevigny had been drinking, but she refused to submit to a breathalyzer test, Morris said. She was charged with DUI-less safe and booked into the Columbia County Detention Center, where she was released the next day after posting $2,200 bond.

Charges, including DUI, are still pending against Sevigny in Columbia County Probate Court related to a violent single-vehicle crash less than eight months ago that sent her to the hospital with multiple injuries.

That crash, about 3 a.m. Feb. 20, occurred when Sevigny’s vehicle ran off North Belair Road near Furys Ferry Road and slammed into a pine tree, splitting the car in two.

Sevigny, who was partially ejected from the vehicle, was treated at the Medical College of Georgia Hospital and charged after her release with DUI, failing to wear a seat belt, driving too fast for conditions, failure to maintain lane and speeding.

She was released from jail on those charges after posting $4,400 bond.

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I Have a Question ?

Dumb question, but what insurance company will touch this person ? Two DUIs, and is only 22 years old. Since there is not a current charge of "no insurance", I'm guessing she was able to produce something on Oct 3rd. She already has a problem, and needs to get some help, fast. Sad...


Do they routinely get a blood

Do they routinely get a blood test if a breathalyzer is refused? She doesn't look drunk in that photo.

Barry Paschal

Blood test, breathalyzer

For legal purposes, giving permission for a blood test is the same as for a breathalyzer. The difference now and the way it used to be is that if the officer can establish suspicion of DUI based on other evidence - erratic driving, slurred speech, etc. - he can charge the person with DUI-less safe.

Rip, as for the insurance question, technically she hasn't been convicted of anything - so I'm guessing her insurance hasn't been affected. The case on the previous DUI still is pending in court, and this one of course hasn't gone to court either. For legal and insurance purposes, she's still a non-offender.

Six months from now? That'll probably be a bit different, I'd guess.


She Needs Help

This young woman obviously has issues or else she just doesn't care! Either way, her family needs to get her some help and fast before she kills herself or some innocent person or child. She most likely refused the test because she knew she was going to register.


A potential murdered

Driving a loaded weapon on the roads of the CSRA. Until alcohol is viewed as a debilitating recreational drug the DUI deaths will continue. Zero tolerance for drinking and driving. Distraction is one issue, comatose is another. Personal responsibility by an adult is needed. Maybe it has to be the judge.

And it will not be an "accident" when she runs over another human being and ends their life.


never mind

never mind


You're Right...As Usual

I swear, I did read the article. Yep, you're right. Until they both get prosecuted, she is still as pure as the driven snow. If she has a local agent, I bet he/she is already getting things ready to do a "policy change".


Fitness Consultant at Evans Fitness Center?

Sounds like she needs to see a consultant of her own!


Voice of reason

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? As one of y'all stated before, she doesn't look drunk in this picture. If anything she just looks extremely angry. Have y'all ever thought that she might just be scared that police would just unfairly profile her after her crash? Lay off the sweeping generalizations you hipocrits, and realize that no one knows what truly happened either night. Get off of your soap box that is probably conveniently placed in your parents basement and live your lives instead of posting hateful remarks about a girl that none of you know.


Lock her up!

I don't want her on the road while I am driving around!!


re:voice of reason

You asked about innocent until proven guilty? You are right, but until the Augusta Chronicle and the News-Times decides to change the way it conducts business-allowing people to post derogatory, speculative, or uneducated comments-things aren't going to change. One is entitled to an opinion with the hope that it will be made with thought and intelligence. Unfortunately that is not what makes money for the papers, the Internet websites such as the Huffington Post, and other similar venues. People want to say what they like, and they can because they are anonymous on these sites. As a result there is no such thing as an unbiased jury any more and when truly necessary it's going to cause a heinous criminal to go free because a proper trial could not be conducted.


If she was not drunk, then why not blow?

No evidence, no guilt? My word against your word? She had glycol induced alcohol in her system because she is diabetic? Give us a break. Defending drunk driving is a lose, lose situation for society at large that brings us innocent deaths. Not to mention that we all pay higher insurance rates.


Charging and prosecution are two

different things. What you know and what you can prove are two vastly different things.

In CC you can confess to matricide two or three times and walk.

Judge Hugenin can send husband and wife to jail for arguing and struggle with less damage in domestic dispute, while road patrol does nothing in the same situation.


CC and alcohol consumption

You approach seven male Hispanics sitting on the sidewalk of a public street. None are the owner of the house behind them. There are two empty 24 pack beer boxes in the back of a pickup truck. Empty long necks on the sidewalk and in the truck bed.

No one is asked who is driving the vehicle. No one was asked who lived in the house.

CC deputy reported that they were just cooling off after a long days at work. While there is a CC statute regarding drinking on the premises of a Circle K, none exist for a public street where small children are riding bikes.

Visually noted and cataloged for justice in CC.


Slow learning curve, you

Slow learning curve, you think?


sowing and reaping

those who sowed with their vote for a wet county are now seeing the reaping.


Let me get this right.

Nearly same area, nearly same time of the night, nearly killed, charged with DUI same as Feb 20th, still driving???? Do ya just let her keep driving until someone is dead? Who bought her another 2 ton weapon????? She is far too old to blame her parents. Does she want to be famous or infamous??? 5 years no less and that's going easy on her. God Bless. INTERVENTION!!!!! OR PRISON????