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Woman throws remote control, breaks mother's nose

Posted: August 30, 2012 - 11:38am  |  Updated: August 30, 2012 - 11:43am
Laura Lynn Deese, 58, of Martinez  Special photo
Special photo
Laura Lynn Deese, 58, of Martinez

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A Martinez woman was arrested Wednesday for beating her elderly mother.

Laura Lynn Deese, 58, of Holiday Drive, was charged with aggravated battery and battery against a person who is 65 years or older.

Deputies responded to Eisenhower Army Medical Center on Fort Gordon late Tuesday after a 77-year-old woman came in for treatment for facial injuries. The woman, who lives on Holiday Drive with her daughter, Deese, told deputies that Deese has been physically abusing her for several months.

The abuse, she said, resulted in serious bruising, cuts and broken bones. The woman said Deese would hit her in the head and arms with the television remote control and would sometimes throw it at her. She also said Deese would use a small flashlight to jab her arms and back.

The woman said the abuse got worse on Monday evening. She said Deese pushed her onto a chair and hit her in the face with the remote control, breaking her nose and damaging her eyes. The woman has sustained serious bruising to her face and hip.

A deputy and an investigator went to the home to speak to Deese. She came to the door, but refused to speak to them, retreated into the house and turned off the lights.

Deese was later arrested and charged. She was being held Thursday in the Columbia County Detention Center on a $27,700 bond, according to jail records.

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Mom's first mistake

was in not drowning this daughter at birth. The second was not having her arrested the first time she ever laid a hand on her.



This epidemic of white on white crime has got to stop. Where is Billy Graham?


Laura won't have to worry

Laura won't have to worry anymore, Mama won't be living with her ever again. DFACS will make sure of that.

You just can't fathom why someone would do that to an elderly, vulnerable, at-risk person.

Drinking, drugs, mental illness. And sometimes just plain old fashioned meanness.

A lot of the time the assaults are precipitated over money.

This is a big reason why many elderly adults don't ever want to live with their children. They know them too well.


There's a very special place...

Awaiting you in hell.


Don't Hang her yet

There is NO excuse for abusing anyone, especially children and elderly. But the stress of being a caretaker can send one over the bend. If you know a caretaker, help them find time outside of the home with an opportunity to vent and refocus. Maybe steer them to a support group.