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Stormwater study commissioned for Columbia County neighborhoods

Posted: August 29, 2012 - 7:34am  |  Updated: September 1, 2012 - 11:06pm

Recent rains have caused serious flooding in several Columbia County neighborhoods, prompting the Public Works Services committee to take action.

At a scheduled meeting of the committee Tuesday, Columbia County Water Utility Director Billy Clayton asked commissioners to approve stormwater studies for Merlin Way, Rhodes Hill, Watervale and Quail Creek Road. He also suggested that a study conducted at Reed Creek be acted upon.

“The truth is God can outdo any measure we put into place,” Clayton said. “But we are still obligated to take a look at this, to take a look at what we can do.”

The study for Merlin Way would cost $19,750. The combined studies for Rhodes Hill, Watervale and Quail Creek Road would cost $28,545, and it would cost $19,500 to begin implementation of the study conducted at Reed Creek. Funding for the study would come from the Columbia County Stormwater utility budget.

“We were told that the current facilities were built for a 25-year storm,” said Bill Fox, a Rhodes Hill resident. “We’ve already had problems three or four times this year alone.”

The Public Service Works Committee voted in favor of the measure, which now goes to the full commission for approval at their meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

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Little Lamb


I don't think you need studies. Bigger pipes, maybe.


All the comments are gone

We had a nice group of comments is support of what I pointed out. I wish they had all been transferred over here. Basically what I said is:

This new housing development on the corner of Blackstone Camp Rd and Point Comfort Rd. has a ridiculous drainage plan. It's located on an elevation from the other houses in the area. They put in a drainage pipe coming from their retention pond that goes under Point Comfort Rd, runs straight into a yard of a resident, through a vacant lot destroying it and then through a low area on my land into the river dumping enough clay soil to discolor the water all the way to Stevens Creek Dam. The poor guy who owns the house where the pipe from the new neighborhood points right at him reported it during the last heavy rain when he was almost flooded out of his house. It's ruining other people's property and the river, plus filling in Point Comfort cove.

Numerous complaints have been lodged by many involved to no avail so far. What's bad about this is it's a new project where we are creating a problem where there wasn't one. How in the world can you have a big drainage pipe, running under a road, from a 40 acre project retention pond located on a hill draining directly into people's yards below it?

It's time to modify their drainage plan before we create a huge problem that has to be fixed later at a much greater cost. I have some videos of the running water you wouldn't believe. It's going to wash out a road.


I've Got Videos

I've got videos of the water from the new housing area when it hits my property you wouldn't believe. Seriously, they have created a new river with this drainage plan that shoots the water across the road via their pipe into the yard up from me. Unreal. It was flowing again yesterday with that little bit of rain we had.


Point Comfort Cove will cease

Point Comfort Cove will cease to exist before long with this. Then what do you do to get rid of the water? It needs immediate dredging.


This is a problem that has

This is a problem that has been haunting the people who live on or around the Savannah River Cove, located on Point Comfort Rd, for years. We having been trying to get something done for years. First, it was Columbia County's own discharge 24 inch line from the Water Treatment Plant that dumped into the Cove (for 25 years). Then it was Carriage Hill Subdivision for 10 years. Then Stallings Island Middle School and now it is this new subdivision located at Point Comfort Road and Blackstone Camp.

I took pictures and so did my neighbor. I sent photos to Columbia County Inviromental Group yesterday dipicting the run off we received on August 28th. It was not a severe, long rain either.

We have lived on this property for 12 years now. Our cove has been filling in rapidly. One neighbor no longer has river frontage and the next neighbor is approaching the lost of his river front. We bought our property because it was river front property. The value of our property and everyone's in this cove will be reduced if this continues. We will need to be compensated for our loss. Another alternative as Riverman1 suggested would be to dredge the cove. I concur with everything Riverman1 said. I have pictures of the drain that drains on our neighbors property and is flooding his property.
This is incomprenhensible!

Concerned Citizen

Little Lamb


Yes, the drainage plan is flawed. The developer's engineer drew up the plans and did the water velocity calculations. But it was the county engineering department who approved the plans. Schedule an appointment with engineering and get to know them. Then get an agreement to have them come out in the next heavy rain.

While the site is under development they might make the developer re-design and re-construct the drainage. After that, you are on your own.

Little Lamb


They dredged out Bowen Pond for the Westlake folks. Are you folks on Blackstone Rd. and Point Comfort as politically connected as Westlake folks? If so, you might get it dredged some day. I wouldn't hold my breath.

Little Lamb

More Dredging

The folks in Jones Creek are trying to get one of their ponds dredged out. It is silted up with silt from construction projects upstream that the county engineers approved (mostly Marshall Square). The county is thumbing their noses at Jones Creek.


I realize these messages are

I realize these messages are a year old but I also have photos and video of the washing and red mud. I live across the cove a I am saddened and extremely concerned about losing the river cove. I love the wildlife and peacefulness. I have been trying to find other interested and concerned parties. I contacted the river keeper but never heard from her after our initial phone call. In a year or less half or more of the cove will be gone. This must stop!!