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Phone problems in Columbia County schools

Posted: July 30, 2012 - 10:36am

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Parents attempting to contact a Columbia County school Monday morning most likely were unable to get through by phone.

The Columbia County school system has been experiencing problems with callers trying to phone the schools.

A school system employee said the problem is currently being worked on and that the phone system should be operating again within the hour.

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CC wide broadband???

Perhaps our CC broadband system is not working. The system that connects school, government and public safety. The same "shovel ready" project that was to be sold to "cable companies, businesses, etc." to generate revenue for CC. It ain't happening, Won't happen. Cable companies lay their own "voice, data, graphics" cables. We were "amazed" two months ago to see Knology sub contractors from Alabama and Mexico digging right on top of where CC had laid cable???? We asked, because knowledge is power. There was never any intent to "buy the use of the CC cable". Another big GOTCHA.

Barry Paschal

Columbia County's system isn't finished

Soapy: Cooumbia County's broadband system is still being installed and won't be operational for a few months. It didn't have anything to do with this outage.