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Four arrested after Martinez apartment searched

Posted: July 18, 2012 - 10:45am  |  Updated: July 18, 2012 - 3:51pm
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Columbia County sheriff's Investigator Johnny McDonald shows the marijuana inside a plastic-wrapped package that was one of several seized when investigators from Columbia and Richmond County sheriff's offices searched a Martinez apartment late Tuesday.   Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Columbia County sheriff's Investigator Johnny McDonald shows the marijuana inside a plastic-wrapped package that was one of several seized when investigators from Columbia and Richmond County sheriff's offices searched a Martinez apartment late Tuesday.

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Four people were arrested late Tuesday after sheriff’s investigators from two counties searched a Martinez apartment.

Personnel from the Columbia County and Richmond County sheriff’s offices searched Charles Potter Jr.’s apartment on Cedar Lane and two vehicles parked there. Potter, 33, originally gave investigators a false name and was inside with three others – Tyre Dion Moton, 31; Candace Michelle Lawson, 27; and Paul Anthony McDaniel, 33.

Authorities seized 44 pounds of marijuana from Potter’s vehicle and 15 counterfeit $20 bills from his bedroom. They also seized a 20-gauge shotgun from the living room closet and 10 grams of marijuana from Moton’s bedroom.

Potter was charged with trafficking marijuana, second degree forgery and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and is being held in the Columbia County Detention Center without bond, according to jail records.

Moton, of South Barton Drive in Augusta, was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Moton, who is being held in the jail on a $4,200 bond, also faces a probation violation.

Lawson, of Old Petersburg Road in Martinez, was arrested for a Richmond County warrant and was transferred to the Augusta-Richmond County Detention Center.

McDaniel is being held in the jail for a probation violation connected to a prior involuntary manslaughter conviction in Gwinnett County. He’s awaiting transportation back to Gwinnett County.

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Sweet son

Setting up to test the Market

Just think, they were probably scouting the neighborhood for profitability now in hopes that current sales would sustain them until they take the short drive across Baston Rd. to the new "Cross-Columbia County Commission" subsidized housing establishment. Opening Soon!! Ya'll Come!


Apartment Complexes

The thing that amazes me the most is the hard headedness of the Columbia County commission. Apartments breed crime, or have you not watched enough COPS lately. The vast amount of crime in any given area is in or eminating from these complexes. No amount of upper level pricing will deter this final outcome. Take a map of Columbia county, put red dots were crime has happened for the past five years and my statements will be supported. The vast amount of crime will be within walking distance of apartment complexes or subsidized housing. You want to subsidize something, go after businesses that will bring jobs and give them the tax breaks they need. Remember income tax and tax from goods sold will more than make up the corporate taxes lost. Make sure these tax breaks are persuant to hiring citizens of Columbia county first. Common sense, what a concept.


Columbia County Housing

Since elections are upon us, will everyone in CC please get involved and research the position that any CC representatives took on the subsidized housing decision before they cast their vote. Any CC representative that voted for this blemish on CC, should be put out of office.

Barry Paschal

"Subsidized housing decision"?

kmcc91: What "subsidized housing decision" are you referring to?


Come on Barry

you know kmcc91is talking about Magnolia Trace. You know, the same place that construction has been shut down a couple of times for not meeting code. How about that story for the paper and all the problems CC is having with them on the construction?

Barry Paschal

Overburdened Taxpayer

I don't make assumptions, OT, and in this case it especially isn't wise to assume kmcc91 was talking about Magnolia Trace because the Columbia County Commission in fact did not make a "subsidized housing decision." They voted on a resolution generically supporting "affordable housing," and the development company later used the resolution as part of their application for state Department of Community Affairs approval of Magnolia Trace. That's OK; you're not the first one to make the leap of logic, me included, but the truth is far less compelling than the mythology built up around it.

To our knowledge, construction problems on the project aren't any greater, or less, than other major projects around the county. Code enforcement can be rather zealous, as the recent case of the officer entering a woman's home shows us.


Really....Dont the Police have anything better to Investigate?

I get them going after people who use or produce conterfit money...and isnt everyone in the USA a gun owner..so no big deal there...and as far as the weed goes...it's not as bad as alcohol...and certainly better than Bath salts/cocaine/Heroin/Meth etc...I think its time they stopped wasting so much resources on chasing people on marijuana and they started focusing on the murder's and hard core drug pushers....

Sweet son

Hey Barry you Said

"They voted on a resolution generically supporting "affordable housing," and the development company later used the resolution as part of their application for State Department of Community Affairs approval of Magnolia Trace."

Why did the development company apply to the State agency for any other reason than to make it subsidized? Does the CC government not have any control over their "generic support" of a project? I mean can Planning and Zoning not stop any housing project from becoming subsidized when the higher authority approves is it a done deal?

I believe the Commission had to know which way this was going before they approved their resoslution. It was a done deal. Check the Sheriff reports on the Westwood Club Apartments on Washington road and see how they are doing as far as utilizing Sheriff's resources.

It's just discouraging to know how the homeowners along Baston Rd., Old Ferry Rd and those in Petersburg Station must feel about Magnolia Trace being built in their backyards. Not only will it affect their home values but it will also impact the schools which will have responsiblility for the children.

It's just sad!

Our thread has gotten away from the original story but my first comment was meant as tongue in cheek humour/criticism of the Magnolia Trace complex. Those arrested on Cedar Lane were only a stone's throw away from Magnolia trace.

Enough of my epistle!

Barry Paschal

The answer to your second question

The answer to your second question is "no," as has been amply aired on the topic of Magnolia Trace. Current Columbia County commissioners had little to no control over the legal use of that property, primarily because it already had been zoned for high-density housing in 1979.

As for the impact on home values, there's a weird disconnect: While people are hollering about "section 8" and other irrelevant nonsense regarding that development, the real fear of those who actually know what they're talking about is that Magnolia Trace, because of the expense of the overall project, will RAISE property values - and thus tax bills - for surrounding homes, many of which border on decrepit.

It's going to be interesting to see the people who were yelling "You're going to ruin my property values!" going back to the tax assessor in a couple of years and saying "Wait! This was supposed to RUIN my property value, not make my taxes go up!"

Sweet son

I guess the whole project from conception has been controversial

and might continue to be that way. As you indicated only time will tell what the full impact of the project will be on the community.

As always good job! Keep up the good work!

Sweet son


Apts don't breed crime but drugs will

I live in Sugar Creek where we were plagued with thefts of boat trailers, vehicles, 4-wheelers, etc for a few years until DNA from our crime scene showed for sure who it was and it was that guy who was in West Lake and had the run-in with the guard there. He's now in prison. BUT he had someone who lived in our neighborhood we felt sure who knew the woods here very well. Sure enough, that person is gone now ( was an addict and died an addict) and all has been quiet). Hope it's not a false sense of security but keeping records of the thefts within our radius and it's almost nil. Drugs were no doubt a blame for this crime and for this young person's life. Drugs don't care what your social or financial status is...they control the people. That will be the problem facing those folks who move in...if it's those who truly need affordable housing because of circumstances beyond their means OR circumstances they choose by doing things that ruin them financially and end up on the wrong side of the law. I'm almost wishing all of us oldies who graduated together could just sell out, downsize and move in and have one fabulous time in this community!