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Teen's toe sucked at Grovetown Walmart

Posted: July 12, 2012 - 2:38pm

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A teen called deputies Tuesday after a man sucked her toe at the Grovetown Walmart and told her it was for a TV show.

An 18-year-old girl said she was shopping at Walmart when a man, who looked to be in his late 30s or early 40s, walked up to her, asking if her toenails were painted, according to a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

After replying yes and questioning why he wanted to know, the teen was asked if she’d watched America’s Funniest Home Videos.

The man told her he was with the TV show and if she complied with his requests, everything she purchased that day would be free.

She reluctantly agreed to him taking a picture of her foot.

He then asked if he could kiss her foot as part of the prank and she agreed.

The man guided her to an area behind a clothing rack, dropped to the floor, grabbed her ankle and told her, “Don’t worry. I don’t bite.”

He then started sucking on her big toe. The teen screamed at him to stop and told him to leave.

Before the man ran from the store, he told her, “It tasted so good, though.”

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I may never wear open toe shoes again. That's disgusting.


I wonder if this is the same

I wonder if this is the same idiot that was arrested in Aiken several months ago for the same thing.



Kinda sounds like the old line 'she didn't know it was rape until the check bounced'.


tastes like chicken

when they catch this wierdo they can check his teeth for toejam


Dick Morris?

Sounds like Dick Morris. He did that to a woman with President Clinton on the phone with him.



I have children in other states. Both of them said their offices were talking about this toe-sucking incident and the Columbia County employee helping himself inside a woman's house. Kind of embarrassing for them I must say. It was said "Boy you come from a weird town". Seems it's gone global. SO proud!


Really? Why?

why in the world would you even go behind a clothes rack and let a stranger look at your feet? And now he won't get in trouble because you consented. you should be embarrassed for being so gullible!


These kind of behavioral

These kind of behavioral people are quite common in the shopping malls and departmental stores. Though there was top essay writing services reviews on this in the media, there was no immediate response from NYPD till now! Hope they would be reacting on this soon.