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Children tell on cigarette thieves

Posted: June 19, 2012 - 2:53pm

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Two children told authorities Monday that they saw a man stealing cigarettes from a Martinez drug store.

An assistant manager of the Walgreen’s at 3900 Washington Road said two women brought their young children into the store at about 6 p.m. The children said that between 1 and 2 p.m., they saw a man stealing cartons of cigarettes from behind the counter, according to a Columbia County Sheriff’s office incident report. Outside the store, the thief offered the children cigarettes not to tell.

Deputies reviewed store surveillance video footage and saw two men make two trips behind the counter while the cashier was away, according to the report. The men stole 15-20 cartons of cigarettes worth $525-$700.

The children said the men left in a black sport utility vehicle, according to the report.

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I've been to Walgreens many

I've been to Walgreens many times and many times I've had to go and look for cashiers to total my purchase. When will management learn that the sales associates should be front and center and ready to ring up a customer. The position up front and at the door serves more than one purpose, it's called loss prevention. High visability prevents a theft from time to time. If management does not want to stock shelves then come out of your hiding places and ring up the customers and "PREVENT" thefts like this. Never have I seen a manager present on the floor except to do a refund and they have to come from their office located in the rear of the store to make the transaction. I'd hate to explain to the district managers where I was at the time of the theft and why the sales associate wasn't in place at the time. Lousy management practices. At this rate Walgreens won't be on every corner, in every City in America.


Craig Spinks


to these honorable children.

I love snitches! And I'm not being sarcastic.

Dr. Craig Spinks/ Georgians for Educational Excellence



I agree beboisme. I have wandered around looking for someone to check me out for 15 minutes many times. There isn't a single person on the floor. Years ago when it first happened, I thought they were being robbed and held int he back, I almost called the cops. But after years of it and seeing it constantly, since I'm in there several times a week, its just the norm. I don't understand how they can do that. Its unbelievable!! Someone should be fired, but all the managers and employees do it, and its been going on for years, so its several different managers that allow this.



I agree, kudos to the kids for doing the right thing!!!