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Couple arrested for movie theater fornication

Posted: June 15, 2012 - 3:24pm  |  Updated: June 15, 2012 - 4:58pm
Claude Lamar Harris Jr., 31, of Honors Way in Martinez, and Angela Prater Veale, 43, of Galahad Way in Augusta, were charged Thursday, June 14, 2012, with public indecency after being caught having sex in an Evans movie theater.  Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Columbia County Sheriff's Office
Claude Lamar Harris Jr., 31, of Honors Way in Martinez, and Angela Prater Veale, 43, of Galahad Way in Augusta, were charged Thursday, June 14, 2012, with public indecency after being caught having sex in an Evans movie theater.

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Authorities arrested a couple Thursday after they were caught having sex inside an Evans movie theater.

Claude Lamar Harris Jr., 31, of Honors Way in Martinez, and Angela Prater Veale, 43, of Galahad Way in Augusta, were charged with public indecency.

At about 3:30 p.m., a manager of the Evans 14 Cinemas told a deputy that a couple was having sex inside one of the theaters, according to a Columbia County Sheriff's Office incident report.

The manager said several employees saw Harris and Veale having sex and flicked the lights in hopes of stopping them.The theater was not playing the movie the pair purchased tickets to see, according to the report.

The manager escorted the deputy to the theater, where the deputy saw the pair having sex on the floor.The deputy told the lovers to get dressed and they were arrested.

Harris is listed as working for New Life Worship Center, while Veale is employed by WJBF-TV, according to the report.

Harris and Veale were released from the Columbia County Detention Center Thursday evening after each posted a $1,600 bond, according to sheriff’s Capt. Steve Morris.

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Craig Spinks

"Truth is stranger than fiction."

"What's in a word?"



This incident is pregnant with irony. Hopefully, Veale is not pregnant with anything.

Dr. Craig Spinks/ Georgians for Educational Excellence



I want to know what movie they were watching.



What, do these pigs have so little control they can't even go to one of their homes?

This is just disgusting and I sincerely hope they enjoy lots of ridicule and worse for being so deliberately, abysmally STUPID.



Too cheap for a motel and on a nasty theater floor? I mean even your car behind a building would have been better. This isn't spicing up your love life, this is just plain nasty and trashy. I hope they used protection...we don't need anymore of that dna!! haha



Works (worked) at a church and lives on Honors Way? Are you kidding me? You know how much castles cost there? Was he the "ruler" of that place? Skanks





She works at WJBF. I thought

She works at WJBF. I thought I saw her doing the news one day. I want to see THIS story on their local news. But I mean...really. On the floor? Everybody knows you have to stay in your seats and do acrobatic like maneuvers.


Can't go home for strange

Can't go home for strange love, baby momma or baby daddy be there!



I thought I had seen it all.

I thought I had seen it all. Yuck. Evidently these two have no self respect, or respect for others, They probably think that what they were doing is okay.





Hahahahahaha! Ha! :)

Hahahahahaha! Ha! :)


Screaming headlines..

I would love to see the media report this like they do when a police officer, teacher, or other public safety worker is arrested. But, this is one of their own, so it probably ain't gonna happen.

Frank I

what beboisme said is right...

I'm sure their other significant others wouldn't appreciate it in their bed... well, I'd be willing to bet they wouldn't appreciated it at all.. a quick Google search shows she's married and he's "in a relationship" and neither mentions the other..



She's not an "on-air" person, according to the website. But really, wouldn't "The New Television Park" been a little classier place ? Just asking....



OMG !!! His parents are the churches pastors... and he is a gospel recording artist !


Need A Room

Let me get this right. He lives in a $1.3M home in West Lake with 8 bedrooms and 10.5 bathrooms and they have to get their freak on in a public movie theatre in the middle of the day. Oh, that's right, their house has hardwood floors and they needed carpet. LOL



He is a Minister and so is his Mom and Dad, they are very well resoected people, how sad.



My, my, my

RE: the location of his residence.

Rich people can be nasty too...even though it's probably his "parents" (church members) money.....


Try to be civil

Everyone has the right to say what ever you choose. I wouldn't dare infringe on anyone's first amendment rights, but there really is no need to be insulting. Calling people pigs (Fiat_Lux) and such is just mean. It's no better than the mistake that they made, if true.

Also, please respect the fact that they and their families are going through an incredibly difficult time right now and we don't need to see them being insulted and ridiculed. It's hard enough.



"And this just in..........one of our own News Channel 6 employees is arrested for public fornication.........full story at 11!!"


Use caution when choosing

Use caution when choosing your seat. Maybe the TV stations can do a black light story like Dateline does in motel rooms.

Just My Opinion

BigBrotha, I do see your

BigBrotha, I do see your point, but you have to admit that they are not innocent children who didn't know what they were doing. No, people don't need to be "mean", but when you do outrageous things, you have to expect people to judge and denounce you. That's just the way it is. He could've called them both worse names. In fact, calling them pigs is an insult to pigs.



I wonder if their tickets were for "We like to do the wild thing!"-I meant "Where the Wild Things Are". They could have checked into a motel for what they paid for tickets,popcorn and candy ... and the embarrassment.


$1.3 M home are you kidding

$1.3 M home are you kidding me? 150,000 folks plunge into a Christless grave every day world-wide while this dude (and many other so-called Christian "ministers") live in sumptous accommodations? There should be a special place in perdition for these health and wealth, faux-Christian charlatans.

Former Member

Whats done in the dark will come to the light.

I would like to first start by saying both of them are perverts. I know as a mother I take my child to matinees during the day and what if my child had ran in there by mistake, what about the people who have to eventually sit and eat in these type places? I know one of these people. They have been a pervert from day one. I can only imagine the things people like this do and dont get caught! They should have had charges brought against them that would make them sex offenders for the simple fact this is a public place open to children of all ages. How low can you go?! Now mom and dad will have to PRACTICE WHAT THEY ARE PREACHING OVER THERE. KARMA IS SOMETHING ELSE ISNT SHE?You air other people dirty laundry now its time for you to do a little laundry of your own. Lets see how they cover up this one. CHURCH MEMBERS THIS IS WHAT YOUR MONEY IS SUPPORTING, THE TYPE OF PEOPLE YOU ARE PUTTING IN MILLION DOLLAR HOUSES AND HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR CARS. May God have mercy on both of their souls for they have sinned against the Ten Commandments and the law of the land. Remember the apple doesnt fall far from the tree so there is a bigger pervert somewhere behind these two little perverts. (shaking my head)..I hope neither one of them have children. I HOPE WJBF TERMINATES HER EMPLOYMENT AND PARADE OF QUARTETS ALONG WITH THE RADIO STATIONS STOP SUPPORTING HIS MUSIC AND ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH HIM. A shame and disgrace before God and Man. I may have understood a little better if they were a couple....They were both involved with other people with promising careers. PERVERTS..They need help and to be restrained from children and the public until further notice..

Former member



1. What movie did they buy tickets for?
2. What movie did they actually go see?
3. Did they buy popcorn or other snacks?
4. Did they do the math and realize that two tickets plus a few snacks are very close to the cost of a private motel room?
5. Who saw them and reported them to management?
6. Are you kidding me???!!??


High Five

Hooray Former Member! You made an awesome and true statement. I just don't understand how people fall for such persons that are only out for the buck. My guess is they couldn't pass the smell test on Bible knowledge. Matthew 7:15. One thing I do know, false teachers will be judged by God on Judgment day according to His Word. Study your Bible. Know that the true simple Bible and only the Bible is truthfully being taught.


what goes around comes around (former brainwashed member)

Its a shame that they are not going to take him off the keyboard.Only because the Pastors the daughter and also Claude jr have no job so he has to pay for his new range rover. Compliments of the church. His mother always talks about people including their names. Even if you need money and you ask for it they might give it to you with a very slim chance but she will come back and dog you out the next Sunday. She gets up there calling women excuse my french Bi*ches and Hoes. And it makes no sence how they do the congregation. They tell people you will pay for my house. The church is on morgan road and they have raised over millions of dollars for a mega church but they still sit in a gymn. Shameful they money went to that nice house and the nice cars they drive he has a rangrover, his sister has a mercades, and the mom has a bently. This is what the church is endorcing. Pure evil!

chile please.....

Anyone remember this story.......

Anyone remember this story....... He was involved this this mess too. I wonder how they are going to turn this story. According to Augusta Crime.com she is still in lock up.


Former Member

It has to stop.....

I know I will not be supporting anything associated with these people. Now their flock (church members) are the least of their problems. Majority of their problems are at home. THEY TAKE THEM OUT ON THE CHURCH. They have never crossed me wrong but I have seen them beat others in the ground. If radio stations such as Foxie and shows such as Parade of Quartets and WJBF continue to promote and support these kind of people. I will be writing letters to congress and so forth. IT HAS TO STOP. I see real God fearing people struggle everyday to make ends meet and then you have people like this "pimping" Jesus for a dollar. How dare them? They are no different than a devil worshiping cult using people souls as a sacrifice for cash. God knows they have sacrificed and crucified a lot of souls in that place. I left the church with the thought in my mind, "If this is what having Jesus and belonging to church is all about I dont want none..my chances of staying out of jail and having a peace of mind were alot better as a sinner"...I found the light but imagine the souls that never did. THESE PEOPLE , IN ADDITION TO A FEW OTHERS, MUST BE STOPPED! Next time it maybe your little girl or your little boy that comes in contact with such a pervert and noone just may not catch him or her that time. If they will do something like this they are definitely capable of molestion and sexual assault...if it hasnt already taken place somewhere they havent be caught. Im not scared of the ones in jail..Im scared of the perverts and pedophiles walking around everyday like you and me...They are wolves in sheep clothing.

Former member