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Child injured in Evans golf car crash

Posted: May 23, 2012 - 4:01pm
A 12-year-old Evans boy was taken to the hospital as a precaution after the golf car on which he and another boy was riding overturned Wednesday afternoon.  Jim Blaylock
Jim Blaylock
A 12-year-old Evans boy was taken to the hospital as a precaution after the golf car on which he and another boy was riding overturned Wednesday afternoon.

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A 12-year-old Evans boy was sent to an area hospital as a precaution today after the golf car on which he and another boy were riding flipped in an Evans neighborhood.

The boy, along with a 13-year-old, was riding the vehicle on nature trails inside the Sumter Landing subdivision, off Mullikin Road, about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday when the vehicle swerved off the trail, hit a stump and overturned, said Columbia County Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Brockman.

Both boys were thrown from the vehicle. The 13-year-old was unhurt. The 12-year-old was complaining of shoulder pain and was taken to Doctors Hospital as a precaution, Brockman said.

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serious problem

Under age children driving golf carts in the streets with large vehicles. Little or no engine noise to alert other drivers. I saw one this afternoon driving a golf cart in the street with two small children on the back and an adult female passenger holding a newborn baby. Riding at 1030pm in the dark is routine. Enjoying the evening breezes. Passing stopped vehicles on the right side of the road in head on traffic. When will the insanity end? When a "prominent citizens child" is injured or killed. Heaven help the motorist who hits one of these death traps on the road. GOLF CART defines itself. Designed for the GOLF COURSE. I don't see the CCSO making moving violation cases. Drivers drinking wine and driving golf carts.


Golf Cars and Four Wheelers on the County Roads in Evans

I agree with Soapy. Just hang around the Publix/McDonalds at Washington Road and William Few, and you will see numerous violations of them traveling on county and state roads. Someone will die, unfortunately, before anything is done.


First of all, they were on a

First of all, they were on a nature trail made for golf carts to ride on. Secondly, more people are killed on bicycles than on golf carts- a proven statistic. Also, they flipped because a deer jumped in the way so they swerved to avoid it.


How did they get the golf car to the trail?

I suspect they drove the golf cart down public roads to get to the trail they were on. This is a real problem in the county and should be stopped. They try to do all sorts of things to bend the law like riding beside the road. Most trails don't allow motorized vehicles, by the way.

What happened to the state law to license these vehicles? Is that in effect? It should be and if you want to drive one of these things you should be a licensed driver.


Driver error

This is a case of driver error. This kid should of had and will now have more respect for this golf car. These cars are great for prepping a child to get his/her license. They are dangerous just like riding a bicycle is dangerous when you don't have respect for them. Lets hope people don't go overboard with this one accident and ban the use of these vehicles. Not to long ago a person at jones creek also had an accident but you don't see them banning alcohol or golf cars on golf courses. This are far less dangerous on or beside a road then bicycles. You have to use common sense and caution with any type of motor vehicle.



Be4real, whose insurance pays

Be4real, whose insurance pays when one of the golf cart drivers, young or old, hits my car? And why can't they be ticketed for driving on the sidewalk? The majority of people driving these vehicles have no respect for anyone else. Parents who let small children drive those things with no parental supervision are irresponsible. I've seen kids pull out in front of cars, make left turns into the path of cars, make sudden maneuvers with no warning, and they don't pay attention to other vehicles or people who are walking. If people use golf cars to "prep" their kids to get drivers licenses, it's no wonder we have so many poor driving teens!


The Kids do not have the experience....

Anyone can drive a golf cart in a fairly straight line with minimal curves. The issue is that these young drivers do not have the 'experience' on what to do when an issue arises [i.e., dog running into their path, driver backing out of a driveway, etc]. I have watched kids in golf carts pull some dangerous driving scenarios because they just did not have the experience or wisdom to mentally think through the situation as it occurred. The law is on the books and needs to be enforced!


First of all

First of all, all of you don't know the full story! so don't make all these statements and judgments!



By the way what is the law in Georgia for driving a golf cart ?

Craig Spinks

A "cool" parent says, "Rules are made to be broken," ...

"the rules don't apply to me and mine," and "Steve Morris can't do nothing to my kid 'cause I know 'The Chief.'"

Dr. Craig Spinks/ Georgians for Educational Excellence


It's the parent's fault...in this case it's probably true...

b4real and discussionstarter ...I agree with you both. Golf carts are excellent ways to prepare your child for driving. They give you the opportunity to start working on their driving at a much younger age than when they are put behind the wheel of a car. But you can't just teach them how to start and stop. As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children how to handle all unexpected circumstances. The majority of teenage accidents are the result of "over correcting" the vehicle when they are caught off guard. If you are going to let your children drive a golf cart, take the time to teach them correctly. Simply taking your foot off the accelerator will buy you a second to make a more clear decision.


Golf carts

The law says you have to be 14 and older. The boy driving had two more weeks till he was 14. Also in Sumter landing people with golf carts have respect for other drivers and people. Over half of the neighborhood has golf carts so everyone drives them around. The nature trail where they got hurt js made for golf carts.


Don’t jump to conclusions about whose fault it is.......

These boys have driven golf carts under the supervision of their parents for some time now and have never had any prior accidents. Both boys have been very respectful of other drivers and pedestrians on the neighborhood road. They have never been allowed to venture out of the neighborhood onto any main streets. They had asked permission to take the golf cart and because of their past responsible behavior it was granted. They were driving down the nature trail when a deer jumped out in front of them. They were watching it run down the trail when a second deer jumped directly in front of them. This caused the driver to swerve in order to miss hitting the deer. The front tire hit a small stump (left over from recent clean up on the trail) and caused the golf cart to roll over. Everyone needs to remember this was purely an accident. Many adults are killed each year by driving on the road and swerving to miss animals. This could have happened to any number of us adults that ride down the same trail these boys were riding on. The boy that was injured is my son. I am thankful that it was only scrapes and bruises. The way the golf cart landed on him it could have been a tragedy. It just reminds me that accidents happen. I still trust my son had his best friend on their ability to handle driving a golf cart responsibly and with care around our neighborhood. Parents just make sure you tell your kids you love them more often and teach them to be careful in all their summer activities. Remember riding their bikes is one of the most dangerous activities they can do during the summer months.


violation of space

I can violate your space, your rights to public safety, but don't violate my rights to do "as well please to do in your space". Its a national epidemic of no respect.


You cannot use golf carts here!!!!

I also live in Sumter landing and you CANNOT use golf carts on that trail!!! There is a big sign saying that they aren't allowed down there! I cannot count how many times we have walked down there (because they are walking trails and not golf cart trails!!!) and had to jump off the trail with my young children because of silly kids in those golf carts. We have always said that it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Also, no not everyone in this area is responsible with those things. One little girl driving a golf cart totally ignored the stop sign on the school bus a few weeks ago and just drove right on past.


16 or older

Oh and if you look up the law you actually have to be 16 years old and have a drivers license to drive a golf cart.


Wilcox1023 fails to

Wilcox1023 fails to understand her kid and his friend are breaking the law.......period.


I will remember to tell my

I will remember to tell my kids I love them too. Then I will give them license to break the law like Wilcox.


"Also in Sumter landing

"Also in Sumter landing people with golf carts have respect for other drivers and people. Over half of the neighborhood has golf carts so everyone drives them around. The nature trail where they got hurt is made for golf carts." pinkxoxo1215
So, just because "everyone is doing it" makes it ok, right? Regardless of the legality, only an irresponsible parent would let a young child drive a golf cart on a roadway.

And wilcox says not to jump to conclusions as to whose fault the accident is. And we wonder why no one is able to take responsibility in today's world. Yes, we all know who's at fault. Irresponsible parents and kids too immature to grasp the concept of vulnerability are at fault here.

I can't begin to tell you how many times I've almost hit a golf cart because of disrespectful kids who have no idea as to the rules of the road and who have no manners when it comes to driving these things. I hope and pray a child never gets seriously injured or killed, but when it happens (and unfortunately it probably will sooner or later), who are the parents going to blame? Golf carts need to be better regulated. As of now, the law is so lame, it might as well not even be on the books.


Pretty Obvious

That it's silly to take up for them.


Can't speak for other kids....

Everyone please calm down. This is father of the 13yr old (not 12 as my son pointed out) passenger in this golf cart accident.

Upon looking up the rules for Golf Carts (hard to find) it does say you’re supposed to be 16 just like for riding ATV's and such. I got it....there are many parents that do not watch or monitor what their kids are doing. I cannot speak for the kids that run stop signs, drive crazy down the trail, and kick dust up on walkers (has happened to my wife and I). This will be an issue that the home owners will need to take up at a meeting sometime. There is a sign posted that says “No Unauthorized Vehicles on the trail”. We were the 8th family to move into the neighborhood 6yrs ago and we have always understood this to mean "If you don't live in the neighborhood you’re not authorized to be on the trail” and “don’t be dumb and drive you’re car or truck over the bridge”. When we first moved in no one had a golf cart and Ashmore Construction did not keep the trail up very well. The golf carts are now the main reason that the trail remains in a walk able condition.

I am no liberal but, in this case it does take a village to discipline a kid. I believe that if you see a kid doing something wrong stop them, get their name, find out who their parents are, and then tell their parents. If the kid does not live in the neighborhood and is not with some that does tell him/her that they have to leave (don’t be crazy about it but be firm). I stop kids all the time that are doing something wrong or are at the pool/nature trail that do not belong there. Kids doing something wrong will never fix its self. I know there are parents that will not believe that their little angel was out in the neighborhood doing something wrong. If you ever see one of my four doing something wrong tell them and tell me. I promise I will take care of it. I don’t want to keep dragging this around because there are those of you out there that will keep picking at this until every kid is locked up inside their house in a padded room so they won’t get hurt. Like I said earlier kids are much more dangerous on their bikes and get hurt more often during the summer than any other time of the year. Just hug your kid every morning and take an active interest in what they are doing around your neighborhood.


Bike vs. Golf Carts????

Give me the numbers on the riders of bikes vs golf carts because that's way out to lunch.


* What happened to children

* What happened to children leaning to drive in a car when they are old enough?
*Nature trails are for walking not golf carts driven by young children.
* Golf carts need to stay on the golf course not on walking/hiking trails or the street!



Each year 500,000 people are treated in the ER's for bike related accidents. Of these 59% are children under the age of 16.

Each year 150,000 people are treated in the ER for golf cart related accidents. Of these 31% are children under the age of 16.

Bottom Line: I am responsible for what my children do or fail to do. I make sure they take responsibility for their actions because there are always consequences. I cannot speak for the other out of control children in Columbia County or even in my neighborhood.


Just to save you folks some time...

We have the same problem in my neighborhood, and your HOA cannot do anything about the problem other than warn people. We were instructed by our HOA, as they were instructed by the CCSO, that if you see someone illegally operating a vehicle on county roads, call the police. It is a violation of state law, which supersedes any covenants anyway...

The thing that gets me is that while your child may be responsible and well behaved, he can't control that 16 year old driver that just ran the stop sign in your neighborhood. I've lived at the beach were golf carts outnumber cars, and saw with my own eyes which vehicle wins that fight, usually with tragic results.

There's enough things that can take our children way too early, don't make it easier. I'm just happy we didn't hear about another young life lost due to an easily preventable accident. Perhaps some people out there will take this as a lesson...



Kids on golf-carts are no more dangerous than kids playing in the street or riding their bikes with NO SUPERVISION. I repeatedly see kids in my neighborhood who will walk right down the middle of the street, or ride a bike down the middle of the street, and when a car is coming, they act like they are being inconvenienced to have to step aside. It infuriates me. These kids range in age from 5-6 to young adults. Road responsibility is taught at home. There are plenty of responsible teenagers who drive golf carts in their neighborhood with no accidents. You can't take one accident and make a blanket statement about how disrespectful kids on golf carts are.



You have to remember though that many more kids get hurt on bikes because many more kids ride bikes than golf carts, so those statistics have to be viewed carefully. At the end of the day you sound like a responsible parent who will take it seriously that your child was technically breaking the law. I don't think it's about disrespectful kids I think it's about the fact that they are just that...kids...and are therefore not old enough to be driving a vehicle around. Heck, all of us that live here know how fast people drive down these streets...car versus golf cart isn't going to end very well. I do hope that your son was okay and will make a full and fast recovery.

Give me a break

I wish I had a golf cart,

I'd drive it to Walmart. It would be nice to live in a community that has golf cart lanes for commuting around town.


I am just glad he is ok. I

I am just glad he is ok. I know this family and this boy and they are anything but irresponsible. These comments I am reading over and over bashing these parents is ridiculous. I hate to see this online bullying. You say these mean comments and nobody even knows who you are. The kids in my neighborhood drive around in golf carts all the time and I have never had a problem. I do agree if anyone is driving a car, golf cart, go cart ect.... they should drive carefully.



i don't think you should be

i don't think you should be trying to drive a golf cart fast enough so that if a "deer" jumps out in front of you that you should have to swerve....